‘The Bachelorette’ Update: Kaitlyn Bristowe, Britt Nilsson Done Filming, What’s The Latest?

Filming of ABC’s The Bachelorette 2015 season has finished, as Kaitlyn Bristowe has emerged once again on social media. Bachelorette spoilers aren’t available yet to break down all the juicy details, but so far, Kaitlyn is looking pretty cheerful on her Snapchat and Instagram posts. While Britt Nilsson hasn’t been posting yet, she had been spotted a few times on her own in recent weeks so she surely will emerge on social media soon.

Reality Steve’s spoilers have indicated that the final rose ceremony took place in early May, and of course, the lead and final rose recipient usually spends a few days together after that before heading back to their regular lives. From the looks of things, that is the pattern again this season.

Though both Kaitlyn and Britt started out the season as leads, after meeting the guys, the bachelors had to choose between Bristowe and Nilsson. Reality Steve’s Bachelorette spoilers have indicated that Kaitlyn won the vote, continuing on with filming for the season, while Britt had to pack her bags. However, thanks to the show it seems that Britt may have found love too.

Kaitlyn was off of social media since the show started filming, until this past weekend. Bristowe posted a video to her Instagram page and she’s been putting a few things up on her Snapchat page at the user name “snapbackbean.” As the posters over at the Bach and Bachette Fan Forums noted, Kaitlyn’s last Snapchat showed her with her extended family.

Bristowe even had what appeared to be a big rock on her left ring finger. However, as much as that may excite fans, it’s surely not a real engagement ring. Producers always hold onto the rings after the final rose ceremony until the “After the Final Rose” special. Could Kaitlyn wearing a ring on that finger be a sign of good news though? It may be, or it may be Kaitlyn just playing around.

Who made it to Bristowe’s final rose ceremony? Bachelorette spoilers on that front have yet to be revealed. While it seems that her final six may have pinned down, little beyond that has been sorted out. In fact, Reality Steve’s spoilers haven’t gone into any specifics about guys remaining anywhere near the end of filming as of yet.

Did Kaitlyn find love in Season 11? Will Britt’s adventure with a guy from the show turn into something serious? ABC’s The Bachelorette 2015 season premieres on May 18 and fans are very anxious to see how things go for both Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson.

[Photo via Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Snapchat]