Cindy Prado Shows Sideboob & Only Wears Thong Bikini Bottoms On Instagram

Cindy Prado brought the tropical vibes to her Instagram feed today with a photo set from Turks and Caicos. She tantalized her 1.1 million followers with five snaps, the first of which was one of the most revealing. It showed her lounging in just a pair of blue thong bikini bottoms and her pose left her sideboob showing.

The sensation lies on top of a modern hammock that extended over blue ocean waters. She posed on her stomach and propped herself up with her elbows, bending her right knee and extending her other leg. Cindy gazed into the distance with a sultry pout on her face, her loose bangs blowing into her face. Meanwhile, her bikini top lay crumpled on her right side along with her camera.

The photo was taken as the sun was low on the horizon and she cast a small shadow on the hammock.

The rest of the photos were similar to the first, save for the second one that showed Cindy posing with a light blue towel in her hair. She rolled over on her back and held the phone with her right hand as she censored her chest with her left hand.

This shot was also zoomed out and revealed more of her surroundings. In addition to the rock formation that peeked through in the foreground, she lay next to a patio with a white Adirondack chair, ottoman, and large sun umbrella. A blue jet ski also floated in the water in the corner of the frame.

The rest of the series were slight variations of the first picture. In particular, the last two were zoomed in on the beauty to give her fans a better look at her figure.

The bombshell's adoring fans took to the comments section to share their various messages.

"Pretty lovely mermaid," gushed a follower.

"Just so damn beautiful," declared a second supporter.

"I just fainted passion burning like never before straight from the hart [sic]," raved a third social media user.

"The way you wear them.... yes they are," wrote an admirer, responding to the silly question in her caption.

Cindy's been spotted in a variety of bikinis lately, including a tiger-print ensemble yesterday. She wore a white dress shirt that she tied into a crop top and posed aboard a boat. There were five parts in the series and she showed off her look from multiple angles. Her accessories included gold-rimmed sunglasses, large hoop earrings, and a couple of charm necklaces.