Elvis Presley’s Wife, Daughter, Granddaughter Hot: Three Upstage ‘Mad Max’ Stars At Premiere

On Thursday, despite the rain, Elvis Presley’s former wife, his daughter, and granddaughter had everyone all shook up. With three generations of Presley women at the Mad Max: Fury Road premiere in Los Angeles, the three hot dames commanded a little less conversation in favor of eyes, as their stunning figures were on display, citing a PopSugar entertainment news report.

Throngs of guests assembled at the TCL Chinese Theater for a glimpse of stars from the epic film, the fourth in the Mad Max franchise. Ironically, despite a raging drought, one of worst on record in California, it actually rained. Imagine that. Victoria’s Secret model-turned-actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who is stunner in her own right, expressed a bit of misery, but she looked dazzling as usual.

However, when Elvis Presley’s ex-wife (Priscilla Presley), daughter (Lisa Marie Presley), and granddaughter and cast member in the film (Riley Keough) hit the red carpet, suddenly, the men all paused and the rain suddenly sounded like their “bad-to-the-bone” theme music. The ladies made a rare public appearance together, and those on hand got three for the price of one.

Beginning with the matriarch of the trio, the King of Rock and Roll’s ex-wife looked enchanting. With her loosely-styled red locks, white lace top and black skirt, Mama Presley made 69 the new 21.

Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie, 47, sported a navy blue hugging dress that showed off her curves and toned legs. She wore her hair curly, displayed rouge lips, and carried a mini clutch. She was a cut off her mom and dad’s block, for sure. Her husband, Michael Lockwood, accompanied her at the event.

And then — drum roll please — there was the youngest of the trio: Elvis’ granddaughter. Riley punched the crowd in the mouth with a fierce Alexander McQueen burgundy leather dress: fitted bodice, trumpet sleeves, and skirt with a mean thigh-high slit. Arguably, she took first prize for being a red carpet fashionista.

The actress is Elvis’ first grandchild to wed. She recently sat down with E! after her nuptials amid a rumor about being with child. But from the looks of it, she and her hubby, Ben Smith-Petersen, want to grow their family.

“I’m not pregnant now. But eventually, yeah. I have a bunch of work stuff to do and then we’ll see. I probably want like three. Two or three, but less than five and more than one.”

The Presley family has been in the news as of late. Priscilla recently issued a ban of all Elvis Presley impersonators at the new wedding chapel in Las Vegas bearing the King’s name. She said the practice of having Elvis performers “cheapens” the experience, according to a previous Inquisitr report.

The appearance together of Elvis Presley’s former wife, daughter and granddaughter took place ahead of Mother’s Day. Many would agree that the maternal affair was priceless.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]