NBC Has 14 New Shows Coming: Which Ones Have ‘Canceled’ Written All Over Them?

Which New NBC Shows Will Get Canceled

It seems NBC is hoping to find strength in numbers. The network reportedly has 14 new shows coming to televisions everywhere this autumn. It seems strange that it’s now the norm for networks to request so many new pilots and throw so many shows at audiences at one time. But given the brutal nature of network television, the need for so many shows isn’t surprising.

This past Friday saw more than a dozen shows get the axe, including several NBC shows. One has to wonder if any of the 14 shows expected to replace these failed projects has what it takes to survive a full season. Hoping for a second season seems to be a bit too ambitious these days.

Only a few of the 14 shows are going to make it, so for a bit of fun, let’s have a closer look to see which shows practically have “cancel” written on them already.

Heartbreaker wants to be a very good medical drama. Unfortunately, there’s nothing unique about it. I’m not kidding, you’ve seen this show before.

We have an attractive blonde who’s an expert at her job, one of the few women in her field, doesn’t follow anyone else’s rules, and has a complex love-life. Sorry NBC, but you don’t get to cancel State of Affairs, dress the lead up as a doctor. On top of that, the show appears to use every medical procedural cliché EVER, without expecting the audience to notice.

Put the heart-warming but inauthentic Heartbreaker up against Chicago Med, the second spin-off of Chicago Fire, and it’s clear which upcoming medical drama is likely going to be canceled.

I want to say I see great things for Heroes: Reborn, but that would be dishonest. It doesn’t help that the once ground-breaking Heroes is up against Marvel and DC, two comic giants currently battling across multiple platforms for supremacy.

I think NBC is hoping that fans of Heroes will overlook the competition…and the fate of the previous show. I didn’t overlook the fact that there’s no new trailer, and this is a miniseries rather than a full-on return. This isn’t a situation where mystery builds hype. NBC needs, without showing too much, to demonstrate why former fans should bother. If Heroes fails to reignite the nostalgia factor within the first couple of episodes (highly likely, given how many main cast members aren’t coming back…), it’s doomed.

Yes, NBC will be bringing us 14 new shows this fall. Unfortunately, the network seems determined to rely on quantity rather than quality. I wouldn’t get attached to anything, just in case.

Which of the 14 new NBC shows do you think will survive to a second season? Which will probably get canceled?

[Image Credit: Heartbreaker YouTube]