Principal Caught With Student: Woman Busted With Male Had Previous School Investigation

New information has surfaced about the principal caught with a student in the rear seat of a car in North Palm Beach on Wednesday. According to a report from WPBF, Krista Morton, head administrator of a Mavericks high school, left another Florida charter school abruptly amid an investigation into the school’s performance.

Morton, 45, is a former principal of Richard Milburn Charter School in Bradenton. In 2011, a probe began into the learning institution’s graduation and grading procedures.

Allegedly, teachers took part in questionable grading practices by assigning grades to students that “did not reflect their performance,” the courses did not meet the standards of the state and students at the school were not meeting requirements to graduate ahead of college. During the investigation, Morton’s role was terminated, but it’s not clear if she was fired or if she resigned.

Last week, the principal was arrested after being caught in the backseat of a vehicle with a male student who attends Mavericks, according to a previous Inquisitr report. Police responded to a call from someone who expressed concern about a possible crime in progress or some illicit form of “sexual activity” taking place in a parked vehicle.

Officers arrived at the location and tapped on the window to get the occupants’ attention. Inside was a woman with her shirt partly unbuttoned — which exposed her shoulders — and a male.

Morton originally said she and the man were friends. She then recanted her story and said she was lonely and picked up the man. After a brief investigation, police learned the woman was the principal of a school he attended.

Arrest records show the pair smelled of marijuana. Additionally, a box that appeared to contain remnants of pot was found in the car. Morton didn’t admit to smoking weed, but she did acknowledge some was smoked. After being caught with the student, the principal was arrested. She and the unnamed male were booked on drug possession charges. Morton was also suspended from her role with the school pending charges and an internal investigation.

As of this writing, the principal’s school has not released a statement on its official website or Facebook page on Morton being caught with the student. Lauren Hollander, the CEO of Mavericks in Education, the company that manages six Florida charter schools, did not comment about the principal’s arrest or field questions about why Morton was hired. She only said the situation is “unfortunate” and her first concern is about the students.

[Photo via YouTube screenshot]