What Happens When Coke Meets Lava? ‘LavaPorn’ [Viral Video]

A new video is gaining popularity on YouTube and you would be surprised at how unusual it is. The video entitled “Coke and Lava Nikon D800 and Gopro” uploaded by a user going by the name “lavapix” has spawned nearly 20 million views.

Uploaded last January 21, 2014, the said video features a blanket of lava “devouring” a couple of Coke cans. It was taken from different angles and was shot using high definition camera equipment. Although the information was not specified in the video or on its description, the title suggests that most likely the Coke meets lava video was taken using a Nikon D800 and a Gopro. Little is known about the video except that it is the masterpiece of Hawaii-based photographer Bryan Lowry.

“Lava flows and two cans of Coca Cola. The first can had a tiny hole punched in the top to prevent it from randomly exploding. I wanted to see if it would fountain as it heated up but, the can just sort of squirted coke,” he wrote in the description of the video.

The video has elicited different responses from YouTube users. As peculiar as the video might seem, there are some users who have expressed their fascination about it.

“Who else can watch Lava just flow all day? So soothing.”

“It’s kinda weird seeing lava that close even though it’s on video only because whenever you see lava in like a movie, tv show, anime, or some form of cartoon that has lava in it, they make it look more fluid and liquid essentially just look like real hot liquid and not so thick this this, idk [I don’t know] it’s just interesting to me.”

Meanwhile, there was quite a number of users who expressed their disappointment regarding the video. Some of them even think that this was a marketing ploy to advertise Nikon, GoPro and Coke in just one video. A user commented that he found the video “unsatisfying” while another thought that it was a “stupid experiment.”

Nonetheless, the Coke meets lava video or “lavaporn” as called across social media, has caused some people to put on the thinking cap. Using different scientific principles, several users tried to explain the outcome of the coke/lava experiment.

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[Image via YouTube]