Superman Stunt On Highway Attracts Fine For Firefighter [Video]

However, according to the Spanish language newspaper El Mundo, the driver also got fined for endangering the lives of others and not caring for the safety of his passengers, even though it was his pal that was acting like Superman and hanging out of the car window.

Another lesson that can be learned from this is, if you do something so silly and so illegal, for goodness sake don’t post it on YouTube. The cops in Spain tend to be very social media savvy these days!

Tweet translation: In video: Doing Superman in the car can be expensive

It happened up near the town of Los Corales in Cantabria, northern Spain, when some off-duty firefighters were driving along the highway, apparently in a very good mood. One of the guys, sitting in the back seat of the car, got it into his head to do a Superman impression.

The Superman wannabe leans his entire upper body out of the window, arm outstretched towards the front of the car. In the video, we then see “Superman” knocking on the driver’s window and asking for directions to the town of Corales. The driver laughs and tells his friend its “over there,” at which point “Superman” appears to turn in that direction. It should be noted that the car was traveling at 120km/hr at the time.

Tweet translation: A Cantabrian firefighter denounced by pretending to be ‘Superman’ at 120 km

According to the Local and unfortunately for the guys, the Cantabrian Local Police found out about the stunt after the video was uploaded to YouTube and opened an investigation to identify the Superman impressionist and the driver of the car.

They finally managed to track the man down on Thursday morning after discovering that the guys involved were off-duty firefighters from Corales.

Reportedly the emergency services in Cantabria are now considering taking disciplinary action against the men who were involved in the Superman stunt. While the whole incident was extremely dangerous and rather stupid, one has to admit the video is pretty darn funny.

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