‘Clash Of Clans’ Update Addresses ‘Trophy Dumping,’ Changes Matchmaking Algorithms

Clash of Clans update time hit this past week, but some gamers missed an important update. Supercell altered Clash of Clans multiplayer algorithms to address a problem that had been known as “trophy dumping” on the platform. The idea for users was to dump trophies and make attacks at a lower level within the Clash of Clans system. A release from a Supercell staff member addresses what the changes now entail, but many gamers may have missed what took place. The employee known as “Markika” in the game went in-depth with her explanation.

It is a constant goal of ours to better motivate and incentivize players to attack opponents at their level of skill and progress. League Bonuses and Town Hall loot penalties have helped in this regard, but to improve the situation further still, we’ve gone straight to the multiplayer matchmaking algorithms. Now, matchmaking will pay special attention to the Town Hall level of a player going to attack, and will look for targets that are at a similar Trophy count AS WELL as at a similar Town Hall level. For example, a player at Town Hall level 9 in the Bronze league will be very likely to find opponents at Town Hall levels 8-10 who are also in the Bronze league.

So what does at that mean? It means if a user has a town hall level 9 in Clash of Clans, if they “trophy dump” until they are in a lower Bronze league, it has become much harder to find an easy opponent to beat. The most likely scenario is that they will be matched with other users that have made it to a level 9 town hall and then dumped trophies. This is how Supercell endeavored to even out the playing field in Clash of Clans and to protect the lower level beginners from having to play against long-time veterans. It means a regular player of the game won’t have to worry about Liam Neeson paying them a visit.

As previously reported on Inquisitr, another recent Clash of Clans update gave users the ability to change their gamer tag. The previous policy from Supercell had been that users were stuck with the name they had used to create their profile. Now everyone has the ability to change that username one time. This has already taken hold in many Clash of Clans forums, with users taking the opportunity to come up with funny and expressive names that match their clans. Three other updates were made to the game, with Supercell revealing them in a site announcement this past week. It includes an air sweeper to improve defenses, the ability to bookmark up to 30 clans of interest, and alerts in the clan chat when settings to a clan are adjusted.

When it comes to Supercell making Clash of Clans updates, it seems that not all of them get advertised heavily at first. As for this latest update, rather than adding something new to the game, they decided to level the playing field a bit.

[Image Source: Noriyuki Aida/Bloomberg via Getty Images]