Kandi Burruss: No Compassion For NeNe Leakes? Tweets About Not Kissing Butt As ‘RHOA’ Reunion Airs

Does Kandi Burruss believe that NeNe Leakes’ crying and walking off the set over her mom abandoning her when she was a young girl was just an act? As part three of The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 7 reunion show aired, Kandi retweeted a tweet from a fan that said that Kandi doesn’t kiss butt.


Kandi made clear that she agrees with the statement completely by adding the number 100 emoji to the tweet.

While some people applauded Kandi for how she behaved regarding NeNe’s “breakthrough” on the reunion, writing that Kandi isn’t fooled by NeNe and that NeNe will never change, others slammed Kandi for having no compassion. Some people commented that they used to be a fan of Kandi’s but aren’t anymore.

Kandi later posted a message on her Instagram account that seemed to be a response to all the criticism she has received.

“Liked by everyone, until I don’t do or give them what they want.”

Kandi wrote that she found the message to be so true and that “it should’ve been ‘don’t do, don’t give, or don’t say what they want…'”

On part three, therapist Dr. Jeff came out to talk with the women about the group therapy session, the one that NeNe walked out on. NeNe said that everyone was acting like a victim and placing all of the blame on her. NeNe said that she is a victim herself and has had her own issues. She revealed that her mother wasn’t there for her, her father never claimed her and she has been abused and cheated on. She said that during the group therapy session, no one cared about her issues, they just brought up their own. As the women started arguing with one another, NeNe started crying and didn’t want to talk anymore.

Kenya Moore told NeNe that they have something in common: being abandoned by their mothers but still growing up to be strong, successful women. Kenya added that she didn’t come on the show with the intent to bring down NeNe.

“NeNe, I think that you think we’re all against you. We have our fights, we have our arguments, things are said and you feel like we don’t like you, we don’t love you but we don’t want to be at that same place with you. We want to move on. I think, hearing your story right now, we have a lot more in common than you want to even admit. You don’t have a relationship with your mother, you felt abandoned…We’re very strong women. I think we know that about each other.”

It was during Kenya Moore’s talk that NeNe Leakes repeatedly said that she couln’t talk about her mom and got up to leave. All of the women, with the exception of Kandi Burruss and Claudia Jordan, went to NeNe to comfort her. Kenya told Kandi to help comfort NeNe since “she’s hurting.” A very reluctant-looking Kandi, while repeatedly saying that she doesn’t understand what’s going on and shaking her head, did eventually get up.

NeNe, helped by Dr. Jeff, Porsha Williams, and Phaedra Parks, and trailed by Cynthia Bailey, walked off the set. Backstage, NeNe’s husband, Gregg Leakes, revealed to host Andy Cohen that NeNe and a brother, out of five children, were sent by their mom to live with an aunt. Gregg explained that NeNe has always wondered why she was one of the two to be sent away.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kandi Burruss wrote in one BravoTV.com blog post for The Real Housewives of Atlanta that NeNe Leakes never feels that she’s wrong and that if you don’t agree with her, then she’ll have a problem with you.

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