Is AMC’s ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Currently Filming In Vancouver?

With scant information on offer about AMC‘s new series, Fear The Walking Dead (a spin-off series to its hugely popular zombie program, The Walking Dead), rumors are now starting to circulate about filming locations. While AMC announced this new show would be set in L.A., some media outlets are now saying filming has commenced in Vancouver, Canada. Other TV productions are heading to L.A. since the change to their “lottery system” way of filming there, yet it seems AMC is bucking this trend.

The Canadian branch of Huffington Post recently published an article stating the first episode of Fear The Walking Dead will be shot in L.A. and then subsequent episodes would be filmed in Vancouver. While Huffington Post is a fairly reliable source, the information has been sourced from a smaller media outlet, Season-Zero. This source also states a lot of this series will take place centered around a hospital. There is no further source from where they obtained this information. Deadline has also recorded this information as fact without a credited source.

Then this image appeared on Twitter:

First day of Fear the Walking Dead filming in Vancouver – (should be episode 2) #FTWD #YVRshoots @olv

— Ken (@pursuit23) May 11, 2015

At first glance this just looks like a notification about filming for a program called Cobalt. However, eager Walking Dead fans will remember that the tentative original title for Fear The Walking Dead was, in fact, Cobalt. So perhaps filming is currently occurring in Vancouver.

If this is true, it will be interesting to see how and why the characters move so quickly from L.A. to Vancouver. One idea is the classic zombie apocalypse reasoning, “head to the hills” and avoid the more heavily populated areas like L.A. However, if Fear The Walking Dead really does originate in a hospital, perhaps the characters will be airlifted to Vancouver?

With not even a start date set for Fear The Walking Dead, here is what we absolutely know about The Walking Dead spin off series:

  • It will start in the summer of 2015.
  • The following cast have been confirmed: Cliff Curtis, Kim Dickens, Alycia Debnam Carey, Frank Dillane, Elizabeth Rodriguez and Mercedes Mason. Carey, Dickens and Dillan are all members of the same family while little is known about the characters the other actors play.
  • Hulu has picked up Fear The Walking Dead and will be streaming the series.
  • The zombies will be different in this series according to director, Greg Nicotero:

“You know, Fear the Walking Dead happens almost before [The Walking Dead] show even premiered. One thing that we play up on the show is the environment and how that plays on the walkers…In Georgia, it’s very humid and sunny, so we take that into consideration. In Los Angeles, it’s a lot more dry, so we’ve had conversation about what that would do to the look of the walkers.”

  • Fear The Walking Dead does appear to start in L.A. according to the trailer:

What do you think – will Fear The Walking Dead head to Vancouver or stay in L.A.? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

[Image credit: AMC]