One Direction’s Clones: ‘X-Factor Arabia’, Doppelgänger Downsides

When it comes to One Direction, there is a never-ending supply of imitators and wannabes — as well as doppelgängers. In particular, there are many funny pictures of One Direction that include photos of individual members next to what looks like their identical twin.

This is a change of pace from the current conversation about One Direction, where some members are morphed into what they will look like when they are old. There are also recent claims that there is a new group that have come out of X-Factor Arabia that are the “One Direction of the Middle East.”

Al-Bawaba says, “We’re like totally head over heels in love with who we think is the Arab world’s equivalent of One Direction! Yes Directioners, we’re talking about The 5, who happen to be the latest boy band in the making… Cheryl Cole couldn’t cope with how cute One Direction were at the time, and we’re feeling the same about our cute Arab doppelgängers!”

What is interesting is that those that look like One Direction body-doubles can have a very hard time getting rid of fans. Sadly, there is news that only the hottest women are hand-picked to hang out with One Direction backstage — but maybe these women have been tricked and are just hanging out with One Direction clones?

As Twist Magazine points out, all of the One Direction guys have a doppelgänger out there, but one woman says knowing the body-double of Harry Styles has turned her off — for life. Gabriella Schiraldi writes for Mashable, “I’m in love with Harry Styles, the same man from One Direction who looks exactly like my brother. Awkward, much? That’s an understatement.”

One popular One Direction photo of someone that looks like Zayn Malik had the situation work out to his advantage — unlike other One Direction twins. The Zayn Malik clone’s story was posted on the Daily Mail U.K. and they state, “Flamur Ukshini, 23, from the Kosovan capital of Pristina, is in his final year studying Business Informatics and also works as a part time model. But thanks to his eerie similarity to the One Direction singer, he boasts almost 40,000 followers on his Instagram page.”

Unfortunately, being a One Direction twin has a downside. The Daily Mail U.K. recalled an incident where a Harry Styles doppelgänger named Jacob Skelton from Milton Keynes, England. They state that he “is mobbed in the streets by Harry Styles fans who want his autograph and to be photographed next to him.” On the other hand, they also point out, “He now has more than 11,000 followers on Twitter… and has been invited as a guest on to TV talk shows.”

About the unwanted attention of being Harry Styles’ spitting image, Skelton says, “on Twitter I’ve got a lot marriage proposals” and that he never knew who Harry Styles or One Direction was until he was singled out as a doppelgänger.

Getting attacked by One Direction fans for looking like them obviously isn’t always so bad — and can lead to a new career path. For example, Aron Dale, an English university student, dropped out of college after being mistaken as Harry Styles by One Direction fans one too many times. However, the Mirror U.K. says he is taking advantage and is now starting a career as a Harry Styles impersonator.

If you need to get a fix for a One Direction clone, do not forget that the famous wax statue museum, Madame Tussaud’s in London, recently put the gents on display — and there is a temporary exhibit in San Francisco.

[Featured image via Getty Images]