Revere Beach: Mother’s Day Brawl Of More Than 100 People Breaks Out On Massachusetts Beach

Mother’s Day was not one of peace and quiet and family togetherness on Sunday as a brawl involving more than 100 people broke out on Revere Beach in Massachusetts.

Police headed out to Revere Beach on Sunday evening around 6:15 p.m. in response to a brawl near the band stand, according to NECN. Mayor Dan Rizzo states that two females began fighting and then their boyfriends joined in, and then their friends joined in, and that began the huge brawl.

NBC Philadelphia reported that at least 12 people were arrested by late Sunday evening, and it took dozens of cops to get things under control.

Police ended up coming from three different Massachusetts State Police barracks to help control the situation. When that wasn’t working, police from Revere, Lynn, and Boston all made it out to the scene.

There were even Chelsea Police on Revere Beach for mutual aid as rocks and bottles were being thrown during the fight. Many of those items, along with numerous others, were being chucked at the police as well.

Lieutenant Kevin Bibeau of the Massachusetts State Police said that he was not entirely sure how many people were involved in the Mother’s Day brawl on Revere Beach, but knows it was more than 100.

Another officer, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that there were hundreds and hundreds of people present and hundreds involved in the fight.

Revere Police Sgt. Charlie Ovino estimated 300 to 400 people congregating around the fight. That made it very difficult for police to get to the actual heart of the situation.

“It’s very busy down there because of the weather, and then one thing happens, and no one wants to leave,” he said. “It was extremely bad. We sent our prisoner wagon and it couldn’t even make it through.”

As of 10 p.m. on Sunday evening, there were no reported serious or even minor injuries. With so many people involved in the fight though, it’s possible that some may end up coming about overnight or even in the next day or two.

Once police arrived on the scene, a large number of roads were closed for an hour or two. Roads from the Revere Beach Circle to the Revere State Police barracks ended up being shut down as police arrested people, treated others, and cleared the scene.

Massachusetts State Police officers remained on the scene at Revere Beach for as many as three hours after the fight was over so things could be kept calm.

[Image via D Guides]