NBC’s New Shows Promise Plenty Of Action And A Major Action Star Comes To TV

NBC’s new shows for the 2015/2016 season were announced this week and include a combination of its most popular returning series, new dramas, comedies and Season 9 of The Voice. Four of the most important highlights of the new season include the mysterious drama Blindspot, the return of the Heroes series retitled Heroes Reborn, medical drama Heartbreaker, and the most important debut, The Player, starring Wesley Snipes. NBC released the trailers for the new series so viewers could get a taste of the new fall season.

For those looking for a good mystery, Blindspot promises to deliver. It tells the story of Jane Doe, who is discovered naked in Times Square and covered in tatoos. She has no memory of who she is or how she got there.

One of the new medical dramas NBC is debuting is called Heartbreaker. Melissa George portrays Dr. Alex Panettiere, a successful heart surgeon with a racy personal life. It is based on the real life of Dr. Kathy Magliato, a successful heart surgeon.

Heroes returns this time as a 13-part-series titled Heroes Reborn. Jack Coleman returns in the part of H.R.G. It tells the story of ordinary people realizing they have extraordinary abilities.

The most promising of NBC’s new shows for its prime time schedule though is The Player. It stars action star Wesley Snipes. Although Snipes has appeared on television before, this is his first major role in a series, and it promises to be jammed packed with action.

The series also stars Phillip Winchester, who plays a flashy security consultant and former military man named Alex Kane. He is approached by Johnston (Snipes), and his partner Cassandra. Their team makes their money by betting on whether or not they can stop a crime.

Although the premise seems outrageous at times, the special effects appear to be excellent, and the show offers a lot of action. It takes place in Las Vegas and is considered to be a high stakes thriller. Originally the series was titled Endgame.

The series will serve as a companion to The Blacklist, and along with Heroes Reborn, will run on Thursday night. Although there are other high profile dramas being rolled out by NBC, like Jenifer Lopez’s Shades of Blue, The Player was more highly publicized as one of NBC‘s top offerings.

NBC’s new shows also include People Are Talking, a comedy starring Mark-Paul Gossalaar. Goselaar previously starred in Franklin and Bash on TNT. The new fall schedule for NBC includes a total of 14 new shows.

Are you planning to watch any of NBC‘s new shows? If so, which ones?

[Photo Credit Deadline]