Zayn Malik’s Real Life Outside Of Twitter Drama: Family, Wedding, And Acting

Believe it or not, there is more to Zayn Malik than his Naughty Boy Twitter drama or leaving One Direction. This is great news because Zayn Malik fans like hearing about his life — and many feel they could do without seeing him fight his former bandmates.

In his post-1D life, Zayn Malik has also been focusing on his personal inner-circle relationships — and is even looking at acting as a possibility. Of course, Zayn Malik always takes time to thank his fans for their loyalty and published the following to Twitter on May 6.

“Don’t know why I’m being attacked for defending myself, people got it twisted! I love my fans?! Every single one of you x”

In the meantime, there are still plenty of fans that are shedding a tear that Zayn Malik left One Direction about six weeks ago. On May 4, Metro U.K. published an article about The Vamps recording a song expressing how sad they were as a band now that Zayn Malik left One Direction.

Truthfully, the split with One Direction and Zayn Malik has not been going smoothly, and Niall Horan even spoke out about the situation. Because things are not going so well between Zayn Malik and the 1D gents, it causes confusion any time that Zayn Malik does anything that is One Direction-related. Sadly, most of the speculation is negative — and this is disappointing to fans that want to see Zayn Malik re-join One Direction.

For instance, when Zayn Malik removed One Direction from his Twitter page, even Time Magazine published an article about it. Time states, “The change prompted a new trending topic from fans mourning his departure, #YouWillAlwaysBeZaynMalik1D.”

Other news that may have been overlooked due to an over-focus on the Twitter war between Louis Tomlinson and Naughty Boy pertains to Eminik. SugarScape reports that Zayn Malik and Naughty Boy’s single “I Won’t Mind” was remixed by Eminik. Regardless it has gotten little attention since it was posted on April 4 — despite being “a bit awesome.”

Aside from music, Zayn Malik’s other big focus has been family. Zayn Malik attended the Asian Awards with his mom soon after quitting One Direction. Since then, Zayn Malik has been seen regularly spending time with his inner circle.

The Daily Mail U.K. says in an interview with Zayn Malik’s older sister, Doniya, she spoke of her close relationship with Zayn in a BBC Asian Network broadcast on May 5. They state, “The beauty blogger also revealed… that she counts Zayn’s fiancee Perrie Edwards as another sister, and can’t wait until the Little Mix star is officially part of the family.”

Did someone say wedding bells? Although there is speculation that Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards may already be married — fans have continued to hang on to each mention that the couple might be making matrimonial plans since they got engaged in 2013. So far, there are no official announcements, and it is likely that Zayn Malik will include fans as soon is any new information emerges.

While a wedding announcement from Zayn Malik is always an expectation, fans were shocked to learn recently that Zayn may end up in acting. The Mirror U.K. stated on April 20 that he was talking with the director of the movie, Bend It Like Beckham, Gurinder Chadha. Within the next two weeks, there were other reports that Chadha and Zayn Malik were seen together. Gurinder Chadha also tweeted about how much she loved Zayn Malik at the end of April.

In other words, the old Zayn Malik is still there: being talented and dynamic — and not completely suffocating (yet) under a pile of sad Twitter drama.

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