Alicia Lander Convicted Of Trying To Join ‘Mile High Club,’ Claims She Was Too Drunk To Recall

Alicia Lander Mile High Club

Alicia Elizabeth Landers is a 26-year-old woman from the small Nova Scotia community of West Porters Lake, who had a big idea. Her idea, apparently, was to join the “mile high club,” which she attempted to do on an Air Canada flight from Edmonton back to Halifax, with a 39-year-old man she met in an airport bar.

The man, Jason George Chase, pleaded guilty earlier this year to committing an indecent act in public, stemming from the incident on January 24 of 2014, when he and Lander, according to the charges, began engaging in sexual contact while in their seats on the plane, in full view of other passengers.

A flight services supervisor, John Dunn, testified in Dartmouth Provincial Court court that after a passenger had alerted him to the fact that Lander and George were bragging to other passengers that they were about to join the so-called mile-high club, he went to their seats to check on the two.

There he found Lander with her underwear around her ankles and George with his hand in her lap, penetrating her with a finger, Dunn testified.

But Landers (pictured above) claimed that she had no recollection of committing the sexual act on the plane, or of becoming violent, verbally obnoxious, and kicking an officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who took her into custody when the plane touched down.

“I feel ashamed it happened,” Lander testified at her trial. “I would never, ever do something in that kind of manner. It’s not me. It’s not me to assault anyone.”

Why couldn’t she remember anything? Because, she said, she was having a rough day and had downed three shots of an alcoholic beverage in the Toronto airport bar during the stopover — and then knocked back as many as 10 more in a 20 minute period, when George bought them for her.

When they got on the plane and arranged for adjacent seats, George bought her two more shots, which she also consumed.

But judge Timothy Gabriel was unimpressed with Lander’s excuse.

“Her actions appear to have been deliberate… There was no indication that she was in any type of diminished capacity. She was intoxicated. She simply chose to behave in a disgraceful manner.”

In addition to her conviction for public lewdness, Gabriel also slapped Lander with guilty verdicts for assaulting a police officer, damaging property, and creating a disturbance.

Alicia Lander is scheduled to be sentenced on July 14, but prosecutors say that her inebriated attempt to join the mile high club will probably not result in prison time.