‘Game Of Thrones’: Hurting the Book Fans, Insulting Dorne

Game of Thrones producers really get on their fans’ nerves. Especially distressed are the fans of the original book series – it seems like much more events are going to happen than they were ready for. Deaths, meetings, appearances – everything might undergo a change, and nobody can rely on book plot any more.

According to the Inquisitr’s earlier report, this season is especially different from what has happened in the Song of Ice and Fire series.

“This isn’t the first time the producers of Game of Thrones have altered the plot lines written in A Song of Ice and Fire, but the alterations are likely going to become more frequent beginning this season. This is because, for the first time, Game of Thrones is ahead of the source material. The next book in the A Song of Ice of Fire series, The Winds of Winter, isn’t expected to be published until at least 2016.”

But not only the plot – the portrayals of whole nations get twisted and simplified. The people of Dorne serve as a perfect example. Oberyn Martell’s character was so bright and appealing that he automatically became the embodiment of all Dornish people. However, the producers of the show seem to forget that he was that short-tempered and impulsive only because his wise elder brother took all the responsibility for really important decisions. Now, all Dornish people are portrayed as ones with explosive nature. For example, in the series, the rage and desire to have her vengeance for Oberyn seem to overwhelm Ellaria to the point where she is ready to kill an innocent child. In the books, however, she never even pondered over this.

According to Hypable, the producers should show the diversity of people of Dorne in order to avoid stereotypes.

“Yes, the Dornish are traditionally known for being smart and sneaky — it’s how they held onto their traditions and won their wars against the Targaryens back in the day. It’s how they managed to remain, throughout the centuries, unbent, unbowed, unbroken. But if Game of Thrones is going to present them as the only people of color this side of the narrow sea, it has a responsibility to show the Dornish as something other than bloodthirsty sex fiends.”

It sounds reasonable, however, in such a large TV show, with so many plotlines and characters, it might be pretty hard to show the diversity of people within one kingdom. Perhaps the fans should forgive the countless simplifying the producers of Games of Thrones do – otherwise, it just wouldn’t be able to put so many events together.