‘The Walking Dead’: Series Going in Wrong Direction?

The Walking Dead‘s Season 6 is generating countless spoilers and rumors. The Walking Dead team makes everything to ease the pain of hiatus: attractions, toys, festivals, comics – and all of it allows fans to stay in the beloved post-apocalyptic world just a little longer. However, it’s still hard not to look forward to the release of new episodes.

According to the Inquisitr, though certain plans on Season 6 are known, most details remain concealed.

“Viewers can expect to see the return of many of the same writers and directors from Season 5. Robert Kirkman spoke with AMC President Charlie Collier and Steven Yeun, who plays Glen, at the 2015 National Association of Broadcasters Show. They discussed the possibility that Glen will die in Season 6. The villains for this season are the Wolves, and there is speculation that Jon Hamm of Mad Men will be cast as Negan, one of the biggest bad guys in the graphic novels.”

What troubles the comic fans the most is whether the plot of the series will match the comic book plot. Certainly, some characters were added, some of them were removed, but still, among the most important questions remains the fate of Andrea’s replacement. Andrea never died in comic books – moreover, the importance of her role in the plot increased with every issue. Most likely Sasha is to take her place – but nobody knows how it happens in the series. Same goes for Negan’s swearing (he swears a lot in the comics, but it’s against the TV show policy), Carl’s eyes (one of which should be gone, according to the plot) and deaths of the main characters. Many alterations have been made and, according to TheWalkingDead, they might still happen for various reasons.

“We all know that Robert Kirkman, Scott Gimple, and the other producers and writers on AMC’s The Walking Dead like to take liberties with the comic. Lately it’s been fairly faithful, and Scott likes sticking pretty close, while Robert likes to play around with the story. Sometimes things are changed for budgetary reasons, sometimes for character reasons, sometimes logistics.”

So, one thing that might be predicted for sure – something will change. But the matter of what exactly is going to be the subject of change is completely unpredictable. All the fans can do is to cross their fingers and hope that The Walking Dead TV show will keep all the main twists and hooks of the comic books untouched.

[Photo by Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images]