‘Pokémon Shuffle’ Passcodes And Special Events: May 2015 Guide

Pokemon Shuffle May 2015 Guide

For Pokémon Shuffle players, keeping track of all the special stage exclusive Pokémon, the limited-time events and deadlines can get taxing. That is why all the passcodes and things you need to keep track of this May are gathered here in a handy quick-reference guide. Happy shuffling!

Pokemon Shuffle for Nintendo 3DS - Image courtesy Nintendo

Similar to Pokémon Rumble World, Nintendo provides passcodes for players of Pokémon Shuffle. A key difference in the passcodes released thus far is that instead of unlocking Pokémon directly, the codes give in-game boosts and bonuses, similar to traditional cheat codes. The second passcode, and currently the only active passcode, is 04482045. Its effect is to give the player five more experience points every 1.5 seconds. Unlike Rumble World, passcodes in Shuffle are time-based and are scheduled to become active on a specific date and expire on a specific date. The bonus experience code is scheduled to expire on June 1, 2015.

The Daily Catch

In Pokémon Shuffle, catching ’em all is made easier thanks to the daily challenges made available Monday through Friday. In May, the dailies are all about Rotom and its various forms. Each day at 6:00 a.m. UTC, players can attempt to capture the following Rotom forms: Frost Rotom on Mondays, Heat Rotom on Tuesdays, Wash Rotom on Wednesdays, Mow Rotom on Thursdays, and Fan Rotom on Fridays. The daily Shuffle challenges and other special stages unlock after completing Stage 11. An internet connection is required and players must tap the “check in” button to receive access.

Capture Pinsir

Until May 11 at 6:00 a.m. UTC, the Pinsir special stage is available for players to hunt down and snag this big, Bug-type Pokémon. The special stage can only be played once per day, but Pinsir can appear up to four times throughout the stage giving trainers more chances to catch it. Pinsir has an Attack Power of 70 and a “Power of 4” skill, which the official Pokémon Shuffle website explains in detail.

“If you catch Pinsir, you’ll be able to use it as your own Pokémon and take advantage of its Power of 4 skill. When you use this skill, your attack will do more damage when you make a match of four. Matching four Pinsir is relatively easy to do, so you’ll have a good chance of dealing greater damage!”

Catch Celebi

Celebi may be known as a mythical Pokémon with power over time, but time is exactly what trainers will need to be mindful of if they want to catch this special stage Pokémon. Until May 18 at 6:00 a.m. UTC, the Celebi special stage gives players the opportunity to catch Celebi. According to the official site, Celebi has an Attack Power of 50, plus it comes with the Stabilize skill, which “occasionally erases one of the foe’s disruptions on the board.” Just having Celebi on board can improve your luck against opponents that like to use disruptions.

There’s more than a few cool critters to collect in Pokémon Shuffle this month, with more special stages and events likely to be announced. Stay tuned for a part two to this guide as the month of May continues. Got a player tip? Share in the comments below.

[Images courtesy Nintendo]