LeBron James’ 3-Point Buzzer Beating Shot From The Corner Beats The Bulls [Video]


The series between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Chicago Bulls is now tied 2-2. Thanks to a buzzer beating-shot from LeBron James from the corner, the Cavs were able to close out the closely tied game in Chicago in a fit of glory. LeBron told his teammates that he would win the game for the Cavs if he got the ball.

Get open and give me the ball. I’m going to win this game for us.

Twitter came alive with tweets about LeBron directly after the amazing 3-point shot. Meanwhile, James’ after game interview gave glory to God and saw him remaining a bit humble — not taking total credit for the 3-point game-clinching bucket.

“I can’t even put myself or our team in the position to make it for us. We can’t lose this game. It’s a hard-fought game. The man above granted me one and I was happy I was there to make that play.”

The United Center in Chicago was deflated after that 3-point shot from LeBron, one that was difficult to make from James’ position in the corner.

“I was not going to sit out. My teammates need me. This series needs me.”

LeBron’s status for Game 5? Active.

It appears that Derrick Rose isn’t the only one who can hit a 3-point clutch play, as reported by the Inquisitr.

As far as Game 5 is concerned, that will take place on Tuesday, May 12. The Bulls will play the Cavaliers at 7:00 p.m. in Cleveland. Of course, the memes about the dual 3-point plays between Rose and James have already begun.

The comparisons between LeBron and Kobe have also continued, along with opinions about how James was treated during this controversial Game 4 in terms of fouls not called, etc.

With such heated 3-point game-winning plays, the next Cavs vs. Bulls game should be extraordinary.

[Image via Twitter]