Christian Griffan: Cashier’s Compassion Costs Him — But This Good Deed Was Rewarded In The End

Christian Griffan good deed

Christian Griffan is a cashier at a Walgreens drugstore in Keller, Texas, just north of Fort Worth, who showed compassion to a customer — and got burned for it. But fortunately for Christian, his random act of kindness did not go unnoticed, and ultimately paid off for him, though he was never looking for anything in return.

Here’s what happened, as reported by Walgreens customer Karridy Askenasy on his Facebook page and later picked up by local news outlets.

It all started when a customer buying baby formula told Griffan that she was short of cash, but had some extra money in her car. She just needed to run out there and get it.

That was when Askenasy walked up the counter to pay for a prescription he’d just picked up.

“I approached the counter to pay for my items, and the young man apologized that he couldn’t check me out, because he was waiting for the previous customer to get some money from her car,” Askenasy wrote in his Facebook page. “‘That one? The one driving away?’ I asked.”

Yes, the woman was working a ruse on the cashier. She had no intention of paying for the baby formula.

Next thing that Askenasy knew, the cashier pulled out his own wallet and swiped his credit card, paying for the thief’s baby formula himself

“I’m like ‘you’re gonna pay for that? You shouldn’t pay for it. You’ve got cameras, get her plates and get her back here to pay for it!'” Askenasy told the Dallas CBS affiliate. “And he was like, ‘Nah, she had formula.'”

Even though the cost to Griffan was just about six bucks, “I found his decision and example of character to be priceless,” Askenasy wrote.

So he decided not to let Griffan’s small gesture go unrecognized.

“I immediately shared this story with my neighbors on Nextdoor [a local social media site] to recognize this young man, and to also see if anybody knew the woman and might encourage her to return and compensate him. Nobody knew her, but that didn’t stop two people from our community from stopping by, unprompted, to each reimburse him six dollars,” Askenasy recounted.

In the end, even though Askenasy had never actually asked anyone to contribute money, over $200 came in from neighbors, who just wanted nothing more than to give the man a little unexpected payback for his compassionate gesture — to someone who had taken advantage of him.

When Askensasy returned to the store, Griffan told him about the two total strangers who had given him $6 each to pay him back for the baby formula. But Askenasy had another surprise — a $200 gift card, which he handed to the cashier, as seen in the photo above.

“Are you for real?!” Christian Griffan said to him. “Seriously? Awww, man, that’s cool!” Just seeing the young man’s reaction, Askenasy said, was “really uplifting to see what generous and caring people I am blessed to be surrounded by.”

[Image: Karridy Askenasy Facebook]