The Uniquely British ‘Liquid Lunch’ Puts Thousands Of Workers At Risk Of Death

liquid lunch

While most Americans like to tuck into a burger or a nice overstuffed sandwich when it comes to lunchtime, the British have invented the unique concept of a “liquid lunch,” and in the U.K., that doesn’t mean soup or soda, it means beer, served at room temperature, of course.

So bad is the issue of British workers drinking at lunchtime instead of eating a healthy and nutritious meal that thousands are reportedly risking death or injury on a daily basis, usually while operating heavy machinery while under the influence.

A new poll carried out by risk assessment firm Protecting found that British employees frequently flout company policies and especially health and safety rules.

Mark Hall, who works for Protecting, said that an astonishing five percent of factory workers admitted that they had operated machinery while on drugs, while 14 percent said they had done so after consuming a liquid lunch.

As Hall told reporters, ‘They operate potentially dangerous machinery with their reflexes and judgment impaired by booze. It’s a recipe for serious injury or even death.”

Worryingly, the poll also found that not thousands, but millions, of British employees show up for work drunk at least once a year, even if that is usually around Christmas time.

The poll, conducted on 2,600 participants, found that 31 percent of workers admitted to drinking at lunchtime instead of eating, and that is on a weekly if not daily basis.

Hall added that liquid lunches impact the productivity of workers who return to their desks after consuming sometimes as many as five pints of beer at the pub nearest to their place of work.

“Regular drinkers think they can handle their liquid lunch, but even in the best-case scenario, their speed and quality of work deteriorates after they’ve had a glass. In a bank or office, just one fat finger on a keyboard can cost thousands or even millions in lost trade. That’s the cost of a pub lunch.”

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