Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids ‘Who Do You Love More…Mom Or Dad?’ For Mother’s Day [Video]

Jimmy Kimmel

In honor of Mother’s Day, Jimmy Kimmel had his crew take to the streets to find out which parent kids love more, their mom or their dad. Many kids tried to play the middle ground with an answer of “both,” but Kimmel didn’t let them off so easy. From fathers being traded off for Spider-Man replacements to kids choosing their father’s to face a fate of piano-to-the-head, the children gave their honest answers to which parent they love most.

Jimmy Kimmel says he is skeptical of any survey that he reads, especially one that said three out of four adults would rather spend time with their mom than their dad. Therefore, he decided to test out the theory on young children. Would three out of four children choose their mother over their father?

In the video, which Kimmel uploaded to Youtube, children are asked the simple question of, “Who do you love more? Your mom or your dad?” Some of the children answer swiftly with “mom” while others try to answer somewhere in between. However, the interviewer doesn’t let them stick with a both parent answer, instead they ask questions such as, “If a piano was going to fall on one of your parents head. Which parent would you want it to fall on?” The more direct question gets the answer Kimmel was looking for and it seems that mom wins out every time.

Children note that they would rather zombies eat their father and not their mother and one little boy said he would even trade his dad for a Spider-Man replacement. In all, only one child picked dad over mom.

What do you think of Jimmy Kimmel’s Mother’s Day street study?

[Image courtesy of ABC]