Luann De Lesseps Dubs Carole Radziwill’s Actions As Scandalous, Says Niece Was Still Seeing Adam At The Time

Luann de Lesseps says Carole Radziwill’s starting a relationship with her niece’s alleged ex-boyfriend was considered scandalous not only by herself, but by some of the other Real Housewives of New York cast members. The Countess claims her niece was still involved with Adam at the time Carole started seeing him.

Luann de Lesseps took to her Bravo blog Friday to speak more on the issue of her co-star’s tryst with her new 20-something boyfriend. The Countess says she already knew about the new relationship before Carole Radziwill sat down with her to tell all because her niece had already filled her in. According to Luann, her niece was still seeing Adam when he hooked up with Carole, something that Radziwill may not know.

“Of course, my niece had filled me in, because she was very upset. How would you react to hearing about someone you’d broken up with and still care about having a fling with your aunt’s 50-something-year-old friend? It was pretty ‘scandalous’ amongst the group, which is why Heather and Kristen — Carole’s dearest pals — reacted the way they did. They all knew it was taboo at the very least. This guy was my niece’s ex-boyfriend, and they were still ‘seeing each other,’ probably unknown to Carole.”

Carole Radziwill recently went on the defense against the accusation that she started a relationship with Adam while he was still seeing her co-star’s niece, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. During her appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen late last week, Carole insisted Adam and Lu’s niece had been broken up for a year before she and Adam hooked up. Nevertheless, Radziwill says she does not care what Luann de Lesseps thinks about the relationship. This, the Countess says, is the problem.

“She recklessly put me in a very awkward position with my family! And you watched her say it this episode: She didn’t care! Not about my niece, not about me and what I faced with my family. I did my best to gracefully end the conversation so as to not add to the embarrassing situation by saying, ‘We’ll figure it out.’ We obviously didn’t see things the same way. And still don’t! Look, I want Carole to be happy — of course I do — but at what expense?”

The feud between the two RHONY stars has been heating up as both have taken to Twitter to hurl accusations at each other as this season of the show unfolds. Although Carole Radziwill accused Luann de Lesseps of hiring a ghostwriter to write her tweets, the Countess balks at the idea she needs anyone to get her point across about her cast mate in a recent interview with All Things Real Housewives.

“Every single thought is mine, word for word! I may not cook my own meals some times, but I certainly write my own thoughts. The idea that Carole, of all people, is accusing me of using a ‘ghostwriter’ is as laughable as it is pathetic.”

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