Kids Hook Their Mothers Up To A Lie Detector, And The Results Take A Hilariously Awkward Turn

Ah, Mother’s Day, a day to celebrate motherhood and the utter awesomeness of moms everywhere. And what better way to commemorate how great your mom is than strapping her to a chair and asking her really uncomfortable questions?

Well, the team from Distractify sought to have some lingering unanswered questions brought into the light when they had some unsuspecting moms strapped down and interrogated by their adult children.

Despite being hooked up to a polygraph, some of the moms still attempted to keep their skeletons hidden, but, naturally, to no avail.

The questions ranged from pretty simple to downright strange — I mean, why would anyone want to know if their mom has had a threesome or a one night stand? Still, some might — for reasons only known to them of course.

We all know our mothers have kept things from us and would, at times, refused to cop to the lie — but sometimes, just maybe, ignorance is bliss.

[Image via Distractify/YouTube]