Lana Del Rey: Was Courtney Love The Dallas Cancellation Cause? Rumors Fly

Lana Del Rey started her tour with drama from haters, and now she’s dealing with the fallout of a canceled show in Dallas. Rescheduling the Dallas tour date will be coming in the near future — but fans are trying to make sense of why the show was canceled in the first place. Was it the weather, another unknown reason, or was Courtney Love to blame?

Rumors are flying about the reasons Lana Del Rey canceled the Dallas show because fans don’t think the facts are lining up. One fan tweeted that they talked with someone that worked at the stadium and said Lana Del Rey “threw a hissy fit” when she learned the show had to be canceled. However, no official explanation was given at that time as to why Lana Del Rey was canceling the Dallas show.

When the Inquisitr broke the story on Lana Del Rey canceling in Dallas, it was pointed out that there were severe storms in the area — but could Courtney Love have been the explanation?

One fan challenged the idea that the weather caused Lana Del Rey to cancel, and states the following in the comments.

“The weather was fine, a little lightning but it was far off. My phone never registered a server weather alert… By the time I got there… it was 10, the show was supposed to end around 11, it was still fine out and that stayed the same for hours…. there is no way this show should have been canceled based on any weather Saturday. Tickets said “rain or shine.” Something else going on with Lana Del Rey that we are not hearing about?”

The “something else” going on might not have to do with Lana Del Rey, but Courtney Love instead. A fan points out Courtney Love as another reason things were askance at the Lana Del Rey show in Dallas and states the following.

“I was there and not only it was a last minute decision, but Courtney’s opening act was late by way more than an hour, and after her, we all waited for more than an hour again for Lana to only hear over the speakers that the show was being postponed and for us to leave calmly…”

Another fan has sour words for Courtney Love that she feels Courtney deserves and states the following.

“Courtney was not only late, she spent her half hour portion of the show cursing at the audience and making fun of us. When the announcer came over the speakers, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen..’, the audience went wild because we thought he was announcing Lana. But no, he was telling us the show had been postponed due to ‘severe weather’. This announcement came THREE HOURS after the show was supposed to start!”

Of course, one fan has Lana Del Rey’s back about the whole experience — but has one tip that was commonly found on Twitter. She states the following in the comments in the original Inquisitr news story about Lana Del Rey’s canceled show.

“… honestly I would have even been okay with it if Lana even came out for just a second just to see her, at least that would have made it better.”

Hours after the canceled Dallas Show, Lana Del Rey did post an apology on Instagram with video of a storm stating, “Ladies and gentlemen I’m sorry that we weren’t allowed to get on stage tonight. And I’m sorry that I wasn’t granted my request to at least tell you that in person.”

In the end, alternate theories about what really happened are going to circulate no matter what, and, until we see an official statement from the venue owners or sworn testimony from the entire Endless Summer entourage — fans will never know the truth. In fact, we might not know all the details until Lana Del Rey writes her autobiography — if then.

Fans can only hope that they will not hear a sad story from Lana Del Rey about how Courtney Love and her entourage are too high maintenance for a tour. Fortunately, despite the fact that she was allegedly mean to fans of Lana Del Rey in Dallas, there are no current indicators that Courtney Love is anything but a professional — despite canceling a tour in 2004.

For Lana Del Rey fans looking for news about the reschedule show, 102.1 The Edge in Dallas will make announcements.


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