Subway Worker Faces Harsh Reactions After Applauding Death Of 2 Police Officers

A Subway worker in Laurel, Mississippi, is facing extreme backlash after her posts on social media went viral. The worker applauded and cheered the suspects that shot two Mississippi officers this weekend. Numerous people are now calling for justice.

New York Daily News reports that “Sierra (C-Babi) McCurdy” posted messages on Facebook that were so offensive that she’s reportedly been fired from her job. Her posts come after a Saturday evening shooting in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, that left two police officers dead.


McCurdy continued with her rants and posted more negative messages towards the police officers, stating that the police take away innocent lives and should be shown no mercy.

“We can turn this b**** into Baltimore real quick. Police take away innocent people lives everyday now & get away w/ it, f*** them…[no mercy].”

Not everyone agrees with McCurdy. In fact, a new Facebook group, with currently over 900 members, was created in attempt to get justice for the fallen police officers. The Facebook page, entitled “Sierra (C-Babi) McCurdy,” states that the page “is dedicated to making sure the punishment fits the crime for this thug, and that she is held accountable for her actions.”

Several people on the Facebook page are calling for a nationwide boycott of Subway until it’s confirmed that McCurdy has been fired. However, according to the latest update on the page, McCurdy was allegedly fired and is now under investigation by authorities.

“Good work everyone! Confirmed from subway corp that she has been terminated and is under an investigation via local and federal authorities. We are not Baltimore, we will never stand for these types of words being spit by low life ratchet thugs. God bless the officers and their families in their time of pain.”

Other people took to Twitter to express their concerns of over McCurdy’s posts.

Meanwhile, three suspects were arrested in connection with the Hattiesburg shootings that killed Officer Benjamin Deen, 34, and Officer Liquori Tate, 24. Marvin Banks, 29, Joanie Calloway, 22, were both arrested in connection with shootings and charged with capital murder. Curtis Banks, 22, was charged with accessory to capital murder. All three suspects remain in jails at different locations.

The shootings occurred a little after 8 p.m. The suspects reportedly stole a police vehicle after gunning the officers down, and fled. The car was abandoned behind some railroad tracks shortly before the suspects were apprehended.

McCurdy, who worked at the Subway off of Audoban Drive, located inside a Walmart, has yet to comment on the backlash. Her Facebook page is now hidden.