Woman Ready To Drop Out Of Veterinarian School After LeBron James ‘Liked’ Her Booty Photo

Woman considering modeling after LeBron James likes Instagram photo

Josett Latrice says she is ready to drop out of veterinarian school after LeBron James “liked” her booty photo on Instagram. The aspiring model says that the like was a “sign from God” that she should pursue a career in modeling.

The Daily Mail reports that Josett Latrice was featured on the Instagram account “Perfect Booties”. The image featured Latrice in a pair of tight black leggings, sunglasses, a leather jacket and high heels. The image was uploaded with little fanfare until LeBron James got a hold of the photo and gave it a “like” of approval. The woman says she didn’t find out about the like until the next morning when her friends were talking about it.

LeBron James likes booty photo

According to TMZ, Latrice called the “like” a “sign from God” that she should pursue a career in modeling. The “like” made waves as LeBron James was on a self-imposed social media ban to focus on the NBA playoffs. However, it seems that LeBron couldn’t help himself when he saw Latrice’s backside and gave it a complimentary like during the ban.

LeBron James

As a result, Latrice says it is proof she should be a model as LeBron wouldn’t cheat on his social media ban for just any booty.

“It makes me feel awesome. I LOVE the fact he liked my picture. It’s definitely a sign from God.”

The image that LeBron liked was on the “Perfect Booties” Instagram account which is an account where women can pay to have their pictures uploaded. It seems the payout paid off for Latrice who has now been temporarily thrust into the spotlight for being the woman that caused LeBron James to give up his playoff social media ban.

When discussing veterinarian school, Latrice says she may just put it on hold to “get her picture out there.” The woman says she is not currently a “booty model” but is hoping to be in talks with modeling agents after LeBron’s big like.

Do you think Josett Latrice should drop out of veterinary school to pursue a career as a model due to one social media like? Or is she banking too heavily on a passing trend of “booty photos?”

[Image Credit: Instagram]