OITNB: Natasha Lyonne Sorry For Directing Fans To Snapchat Nudes

Natasha Lyonne of Orange Is The New Black says she’s sorry that her tweets directed fans to a hashtag full of ameteur nudes. The tongue-in-cheek apology came after a tweeted conversation about SnapChat, sexting, and what recourse one might have if someone saved their photos. In some tweets, Lyonne used a certain hashtag — and it turns out that hashtag is already in regular use by people who are tweeting nude shots and SnapChat invites.

First, one of Lyonne’s followers tweeted this to her.

The Orange Is The New Black star immediately jumped on the privacy concern, though — just because the app says it deletes photos, doesn’t mean they go away.

Another follower explained:

Lyonne wasn’t convinced, though. After all, knowing that someone took a screenshot of your picture doesn’t make the screenshot go away.

It was in response to another follower’s tweet, though, accompanied by a photoshopped image of an Avengers movie poster, that Natasha Lyonne first used the problematic hashtag.

She subsequently playfully attached the hashtag to another piece of fan art. Apparently Lyonne didn’t know that #snapchatnudies was an actual in-use hashtag. Who could’ve guessed that a hashtag including “SnapChat” and a common variation on the word “nudes” might actually be attached to nudes and SnapChat?

Then, a fan spoke up with a warning, which Lyonne retweeted.

Soon, Lyonne was retweeting dozens of “reaction” memes and GIFs from fans — apparently, many of them found the photos under that hashtag somewhere along the range between unappealing and shocking.

She’s sorry if she hurt anyone’s eyes or caused any elbow injuries, though.

Natasha Lyonne returns to Orange Is The New Black on June 12.