'Batman V Superman' Date Change And The Trailer We Should Have Been Given

Jennifer Ricketts

It isn't any secret Batman V Superman's trailer brought about polarizing opinions. While some fans loved it and became even more excited about the movie, other fans were less than impressed. One fan in particular, Joss Whedon, director of Avengers: Age of Ultron, was very excited to catch a sneak peek of director Zack Snyder's treatment of Batman and Superman.

"I found [the trailer for Batman V Superman] interesting because they're bringing up a lot of issues that we bring up in Age of Ultron and I think it's inevitable. People with power, who are good, do not always agree and it makes perfect sense for me that [Batman and Superman] would fight. And besides... Batman and Superman are gonna fight! I'm so excited! I'm so excited!"

JST Entertainment, a movie and multimedia production studio in Oregon, were of the opinion the trailer for Batman V Superman could be better if it were animated. Using Batman V Superman footage, they added moments from the animated versions of Batman and Superman along with quotes from Lex Luthor and Alfred, Bruce Wayne's butler.


One of the Batman V Superman fans that has become more excited about the movie due to a fan made trailer includes Moviepilot's Luis Rodriguez. Rodriguez cites his reaction to the photos from Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman has been a bit lackluster; however, once he saw the fan made trailer, "Justice League: Gods Among Us", he's ready "to see the future that DC holds."

Batman V Superman will likely face no competition its opening weekend according to Forbes. After Paramount/Viacom Inc. announced Beverly Hills Cop IV has been "indefinitely" delayed -- the movie had been slated for a March 25, 2016, release -- Batman V Superman at this point will be opening unopposed. Smaller films may not necessarily flounder on the same weekend as the highly-anticipated superhero film.

There have been times where they've managed to defeat blockbusters, but it's doubtful this will be the case. The hype for Batman V Superman has been building for such a long time now, and though the film's release is just under a year away, it feels like it could be here tomorrow with the number of teasers, photo reveals, interviews, and trailers that have been released. Batman V Superman is going to dwarf any film that's released the same weekend.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Superman portrayer Henry Cavill told MTV in an interview that Batman V Superman is not a sequel to Man of Steel.

"I wouldn't call this a Superman sequel. It's Batman V Superman, so it's a separate entity altogether. It's introducing the Batman character and expanding upon the universe, which was kicked off by Man of Steel. It's definitely an introduction to the character [Batman]... And ultimately [the] introduction of Justice League."

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