WWE News: Bray Wyatt Reuniting With The Wyatt Family On ‘WWE Raw’?

Wyatt Family WWE Raw

WrestleMania was the breakthrough Bray Wyatt needed against the Undertaker. Despite suffering a defeat, Wyatt consistently surprised every single WWE fan in attendance and watching around the world. Every promo felt like Wyatt really meant it. Every word said against the Undertaker felt real to the WWE Universe. Wrestling is one of the most grueling parts of the WWE, but cutting a great promo is equally as difficult.

Wyatt perfected the art of a promo. In his practice as the Bray Wyatt character, he began with a slow, yet confident voice from the home of his character.

Week after week, Wyatt improved until he started to do a great deal on the WWE Universe from backstage. Remember, Bray Wyatt carried his feud with the Undertaker without a face-to-face meeting or a match leading up to it.

That said, Wyatt hasn’t succeeded the way WWE fans wanted him to since the split of the Wyatt Family. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper added another key to Bray Wyatt’s success. Will the WWE ever pair the trio up again?

According to Daily Wrestling News, Rowan and Harper were teasing a reunion on WWE Smackdown. Also, the WWE put out a statement about the Wyatt Family for WWE Raw.

“Erick Rowan and Luke Harper have freaked us out for years at this point, but the moment they shared Thursday night on SmackDown sent a shiver down our spines. After Harper dispatched Fandango, Rowan lumbered down the entrance ramp and, despite his prior issues with his former Wyatt Family accomplice, proceeded to pummel the dazed dancer. Was this Rowan extending a gnarled olive branch to Harper? Have these one-time members of The Wyatt Family joined forces once again? Anticipate more from this eerie tandem on Raw.”

It’s clear now that Wyatt will not be joining forces with Bo Dallas, which was rumored a few days ago. After Wyatt came out and attacked Ryback, who just got off beating Dallas in another squash match, fans thought the “new face of fear” was saving Dallas. In fact, he didn’t really save Dallas, but Wyatt just wanted Ryback.

WWE analysts believe that Wyatt’s future is dependent on the Wyatt Family’s reunion. That isn’t saying Wyatt won’t win a WWE title if he’s alone. The chances of Bray Wyatt winning a WWE championship drastically increase if the Wyatt Family reunites. If Erick Rowan, Luke Harper, and Bray Wyatt come together, the big story of the summer won’t be about the Authority, but the “New Faces of Fear.”

[Image via prowrestling.wikia.com]