Happy Mother’s Day 2015: A Celebration Of Baby Animals And Their Mothers [Video]

Mother’s Day 2015 is a day to celebrate not only people, but also baby animals and their mothers, those amazing relationships in the animal world that inspire and move us.

Google is honoring mothers today with a Google Doodle that celebrates all kinds of mothers, and focuses on baby animals and their mothers.

According to Search Engine Land, this years Google Doodle celebrating mothers was created by doodle artist Olivia Huynh.

On today’s Google Doodle blog, Huynh explains some of her design choices. She says that this year’s Google Doodle “represents the universality of familial love.”

“Brainstorming for this Doodle and thinking of my own mom, lots of small moments and gestures of affection came up, so I decided to concentrate on that as a concept. When I started to sketch, early ideas included (but were not limited to) giraffes, gardening, and tossing children into pools.”

Huynh also explains that she was looking for a character style that was “minimalistic and relatable since Mother’s Day is celebrated all around world.”

“Once I settled on the concept I did a quick rough pass at animation to make sure it would work visually. I decided to go with a watercolor texture because I think there’s something very comforting and familiar about it, that shows a more human hand.”

The Doodle featuring animal babies and their mothers has already reached around the world, according to the Google map feature, and has been republished in video format on Youtube and set to music in several videos.

If you haven’t seen the following video about the Irish family whose cat adopted their brood of ducklings, it’s a Mother’s Day must see.

As the video states, the cat found the ducklings at just the right time to ignore any instinct to view them as anything other than part of her own family.

And just in time for Mother’s Day, Kaysville celebrated Baby Animal Days for the fourth year. KSL News reports that the celebration of baby animals is growing every year, and was inspired by the success of the American West Heritage Center’s Baby Animal Days in Logan

Kaysville’s Baby Animal Days is organized and coordinated by USU Botanical Center Extension in Davis County and Utah’s 4-H program. Members of the 4-H program raise the baby animals shown in the event.

[Image courtesy of Imagestocks]