PS Vita Titles You Must Get This May: ‘Disney Infinity 2.0,’ ‘Rise Of Mana,’ And ‘Broken Age’

This May is an exciting month for PS Vita with a number of new titles coming to the handheld console.

On the top of the list is Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes, which is now available for PS Vita at $59.99. Released today, Disney Infinity will bring back to PS Vita players the joy of creating and playing their own adventures featuring some of the most-loved characters from the Disney and Marvel universe.

Gamespresso reports that the PS Vita Starter Pack for Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes is well worth the dollars, as it will come with the video game, a wireless base that connects via PS Vita’s Bluetooth, a Spider-Man Play Set Piece, both Marvel Super Heroes Toy Box Game Discs, Web Code Card, and a USB Recharging Cable. PS Vita players who owned the previous Disney Infinity game will also be happy to know that characters and power discs from Disney Infinity 1.0 will be compatible with the new toy box.

Next on our list is Square Enix’ Rise of Mana, previously launched via Android and iOS, now available for PS Vita. PlayStation Lifestyle reports that PS Vita players in Japan could already download the game through the Japanese PlayStation Store, but it will only go live on May 14.

Good news for early birds — those who own a Japanese PSN account and register before the PS Vita launch will receive a bonus item: the Bastard Sword. Rise of Mana was free to download for smartphones when it debuted, and it is reported that it will also be free to download for PS Vita. The action-RPG was tweaked for PS Vita and will feature microtransactions and eight-player co-op.

Another huge release for PS Vita is Broken Age: The Complete Adventure, available now on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. Released on the console and handheld just before April ended, Double Fine really did a fine job with this game, and PS Vita players shouldn’t let this month crawl by without getting it. Broken Age: The Complete Adventure for PS Vita and PS4 features the two acts of Broken Age as a whole, so PS4 and PS Vita users will catch up with PC players who got the first act earlier with no problems.

Many critics and fans were excited about Broken Age coming to PS Vita and PS4 with its beautiful art and throwback point-and-click adventures. Gamerant reports that with the touch-screen controls of PS Vita perfect for Broken Age, Sony is sure to see some profits for the handheld console.

Other titles coming to PS Vita this May are Cosmophony, Ultratron, Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed, and Steins;Gate.

[Image courtesy of Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg via Getty Images]