Cody Simpson, Gigi Hadid Split: Will They Reunite Later?

Cody Simpson, Gigi Hadid split to further their own careers

Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid have called it quits for the second time. This doesn’t mean they’re done though. The pair are apparently taking an indefinite break to focus on their individual careers.

The singer and the model have been going strong for around two years now, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. No love was lost over that time, but it appears their separate careers have been difficult for them as a couple.

In case you don’t know who Cody is, he’s not related to the other Simpson family that can’t seem to escape the tabloids. Jessica and Ashley are another family entirely. Cody actually achieved his start much like Justin Bieber did — as a YouTube star who happened to get noticed. Cody and Bieber are actually friends, having hung out at Coachella last month with Kendall Jenner.

Gigi, or Jelena Noura Hadid as her parents named her, is an American model, having been featured in the 2014 Sports Illustrated list of 12 rookies. Her fame really launched when she made several appearances on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

As for Cody Simpson, Gigi Hadid’s PR told People Magazine that the two simply need their space for the moment.

“Cody and Gigi want each other to be in a place right now that allows him to only focus on his music, fans, and new message, while she can focus and continue building her career. They love each other dearly and have split up in hopes that growing on their own paths will bring them together in the future.”

Though the pair broke up briefly in 2014, Philly claims they’re done for good this time. They remain amiable exes though and each other’s biggest fan.

Cody has come out to confirm this by saying, “It’s give and take – you’ve got to have a certain trust. You build something, and for us, it’s been sustainable. [We’re] very supportive of each other, she’s stoked for me, and it’s mutual.”

While remaining good friends for now, there is always the chance that Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid will get back together later on. For now, they’re both single as they focus on their careers.

[Image via Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images]