‘Good Wife’ Spoilers, Renewal News: What Can Fans Expect As Season 6 Wraps?

The Good Wife Season 6 finale airs Sunday night on CBS, and viewers are anxious to see just how things end. Kalinda seemingly already left, but there will be a bit more from her in this last episode of the season. Alicia is trying to pick up the pieces after the campaign, and she’s looking for help from Finn. What Good Wife spoilers are available for the May 10 finale? Has the show been renewed or canceled?

TV Guide teases that the Season 6, Episode 22 show is called “Wanna Partner?” Alicia has asked Finn to partner up with her, and it seems viewers will learn his answer on Sunday. Many want to see these two take things down a romantic road, but will they stick to business?

In addition, Alicia gets a call from a client, and this is definitely an unusual case. Good Wife spoilers tease that the client is in a secret police facility where he’s being detained without being booked. As for Kalinda, viewers will get more closure about her departure.

Show co-creator Robert King tells TV Guide that it’s been a bit overwhelming to handle the viewer anticipation for this last moment between Alicia and Kalinda. For fans who were upset that there hadn’t been a final scene involving Kalinda and Alicia, other than a note, it’s coming in the Season 6 finale.

TVLine teases Good Wife spoilers that there will be a scene with Kalinda and Alicia together, and it will be “a crowd-pleaser – satisfying, heartbreaking, funny, etc.” It also seems that not only is the moment they share important, the place they do it is key as well and it is said it will leave fans satisfied.

The Good Wife spoiler preview teases that there is a knock at Alicia’s door during this finale that is more important than anything having to do with Peter or Finn. So, just who is behind the door? Fans have a lot of theories, ranging from Kalinda to Lemond Bishop to Louis Canning to even it being Will in some fashion, which is possible considering the show’s love of dreams and trickery.

Will fans find out who is behind the door before the season ends? It seems so, and Robert King told E! Online that the network seems to put more emphasis on the door knock than they did behind the scenes. King says that there are “other surprises in the episode that are even better,” but the door knock does set up the show for the next season.

Obviously the finale isn’t just about Kalinda and Alicia, though. Matt Czuchry told E! Online that the finale definitely sets the show up for big changes and storylines for the next season. It seems there is a cliffhanger, which leaves fans anxious to know if The Good Wife has been renewed or canceled.

Though the outlook seems positive for Season 7 of The Good Wife, CBS actually has not renewed or canceled the show yet. The network has dealt out the fate of some of its shows, but several, including Hawaii Five-0, CSI and Criminal Minds, are still hanging in the balance. While an answer from CBS should come within the next few days, the show is apparently working on Season 7 scripts and moving ahead as they wait for official word.

Should the show come back for Season 7, there will be a focus on Alicia rebuilding her reputation and seeing her start her own firm with a different kind of focus as she’s considering could be an interesting move. The cast is currently in contract negotiations, so even if CBS does indeed renew The Good Wife for another round, there could be some changes.

Tune into The Good Wife Season 6 finale airing on CBS on Sunday, May 10 and stay tuned for spoilers regarding the show’s cancelation or renewal.

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