Principal Caught With Student While Smoking Weed In Florida, Will Krista Morton Also Be Charged As Sexual Predator?

As a Florida principal caught with a student while topless, Krista Morton could face more than drug charges. Marijuana aside, she was also caught with her shirt unbuttoned and her chest partially exposed to a student, and it is unknown what the two were doing in the vehicle before the arrival of police. Since the student was 18 years old, technically any sexual activity would be considered consensual activity between two adults, but it’s possible Morton violated professional code of ethics standards in Florida.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a sexual predator in California was said to be attacking a teen in her own home. After attempting to slam the door on him, the teen locked herself in the closet and texted her dad. The fight between the girl and the alleged rapist was caught on video, and once his name was released many people expressed anti-Muslim sentiment.

Unlike the California incident, it appears Morton’s student was okay with the situation, and she allegedly told police she was just trying to get to know him better. Even though the student was 18-years-old, as reports have pointed out, there are still rules against school faculty being even sexually suggestive toward students. The Florida Department of Education clearly states that any educator should not “exploit a relationship with a student for personal gain or advantage.”

Plus, since the principal was caught with the student in the back seat of a vehicle in such a manner, it also sets a bad example for teachers. A high school principal is the authority the teachers answer to before the authority moves beyond the school itself.

The only time it was ever acceptable for school faculty to even get borderline close to a student in recent years was in an Adam Sandler movie. Even in that film, it was a teacher who became romantically attached, not the principal.

The news of the arrest is causing concerns among many parents with teenagers at the Mavericks High charter school.

“It’s very disappointing. You send your child to school every day and look at what happens,” said Brenda Anyzeski, whose daughter became enrolled at the charter after she fell behind in public school. The daughter also said she had an unpleasant experience with the principal and had to file a police report based upon an incident involving a cell phone.

“Thankfully she hasn’t been there that long. She just went there to get caught up on her credits,” the mother added, according to WPTV.

Readers on social media are divided on this issue. Some believe Morton should be labeled as a sexual predator despite the student being 18 years old, while others say that the law should be enforced as it is written now.

“If he’s 18 then I would say she didn’t do anything wrong. Legally he’s an adult. True, she could of been a little more smart about it.”

Regardless of the sexual behavior, police only had Krista Morton arrested for marijuana possession. Based upon Florida law, the principal faces fairly severe penalties since even the possession of less than 20 grams is considered a criminal misdemeanor. In the worst case scenario, Morton may be fined $1,000 and spend up to one year in prison.

Even without the charges related to the marijuana, her history of behavior could be enough to keep Krista Morton out of schools for the foreseeable future. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Morton allegedly has a history of disregarding the rules. It’s claimed she failed at processing report cards prior to graduation, which caused hardship for graduating seniors. Her future in education could be over, with other school systems probably not even wanting a principal who failed to perform the most basic and necessary duties. Being known as the principal caught with a student while smoking marijuana and being sexually suggestive won’t help.

Do you think Krista Morton should have faced additional charges as a sexual predator?

[Image via Local 10]