New Taylor Swift App Fills The ‘Blank Space’ In Your Texts With Song Lyrics

Taylor Swift

If you never know what to say to your friends, then this new Taylor Swift texting app may help you out. This app allows you to send some of her most popular song lyrics based on 11 themes.

Is your friend having a bad day and you don’t know what to say? Tell her to “Shake It Off,” based off on Swift’s debut single off her critically-acclaimed 1989 album. If your ex can’t get a clue, you can tell him “We are never ever ever getting back together.” This app perfectly uses Apple’s QuickType feature to recommend the perfect Taylor Swift lyrics for any situation.

Themes from the Taylor Swift texting app include: “Growing Up,” “Haters,” “Into You,” It’s Over,” “Just Beginning,” “Missing You,” Party On,” “Preach” and “Random,” according to Glamour magazine. You can then scroll through Taylor Swift’s iconic lyrics to select the best one for your texting conversation.

The TayText app includes lyrics from over 60 songs and 300 lyrics. It takes you back to the humble beginnings when Taylor was just a young shy girl with curly blonde hair who strummed on her guitar. It’s suitable for all moods and conversations. Taylor knows how to tackle haters, heartbreak, and moments of triumpth, after all.

Don’t think that the award-winning singer-songwriter is the brains behind this crafty app. In fact, a group of five Harvard Business School students created the app because they believe that there is a “zeitgeist quality to her music – she’s really captured what it feels like to be young and living in this decade, so there’s pretty much a Taylor Swift lyric for everything.” That sounds like something that Swift would sing on “22,” from her Red album.

The app was also inspired by the Drizzy keyboard, which allows you to do the same thing, but with Drake’s iconic lyrics. The TayText app is expected to be available for download in the Apple Apps store since it only works with the iOS keyboard. No word on whether Swifties will be able to use this app on Android phones. However, it’s only going to be temporary since Swift is known for protecting her image and her hit songs like “Shake It Off.” She made headlines when she registered and trademarked some of her catchy lyrics from her 1989 album.

Using this Taylor Swift-inspired app may cause some confusion among your friends and family members. It’ll be hard to get the message or joke across if they’re not fans of the singer. Also, you shouldn’t use the TayText app whenever someone asks you for advice or sends you a serious text message. You may not also want to try it out on strangers or crushes until you get to know them better.

[Image: Mike Coppola/Getty Images]