Cissy Houston And Bobby Brown Believe In Power Of Prayer For Bobbi Kristina Brown Despite Brain Damage: ‘She Can Still Hear’

Cissy Houston and Bobby Brown are turning to God to heal Bobbi Kristina Brown. Known as Krissi, the 22-year-old daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston remains in a long-term care facility, and Cissy still visits her faithfully every day to pray by her bedside, reported Entertainment Tonight.

“She’s the same, she’s not progressing at all,” mourned Cissy.

However, to those who describe Bobbi Kristina as “brain dead,” Cissy emphasizes that to her, Krissi is still alive. And she is at peace with God’s ability to make the final decision.

“She’s not gone yet, but you know, whatever the Lord decides, I’m ready for her… I have nothing to do with that. That’s His job. It’s His territory, you know? And I understand it.”

As part of her faith, Cissy sang at McDonald’s Gospelfest in New Jersey. The song that she chose was especially powerful after what she has survived in losing first her daughter Whitney and now enduring her granddaughter’s health crisis: “The Blood that Jesus Shed for Me.”

The lyrics hold special meaning for Cissy.

“Way back on the cavalry. The blood that gives me strength from day to day shall never lose its power.”

But what is the truth about Bobbi Kristina’s condition? Found unconscious in her home lying face-down in a bathtub on January 31, Bobbi Kristina first remained in a hospital on life support for weeks. Doctors put her in a medically induced coma to try to ease brain swelling from the lack of oxygen.

Most recently, she was transported to a long-term care facility, where she remains. Bobby Brown had been responsible for making all of her medical decisions. However, after a legal battle, he and Pat Houston (Bobbi Kristina’s aunt and Whitney’s sister-in-law) became her co-guardians. That makes both of them in charge of her health situation.

As for Whitney’s fortune, which Bobbi Kristina inherited? Pat and Cissy control it together. She is the wife of Cissy’s son Gary Houston.

Cissy is also at peace with that situation and denied reports of any feuding between the Houston and Brown family members.

“We’re a family…that works together for the best. You want the best for whomever or everybody we can…We can be on the other side too if you make us be but we are not going to do that. There’s no reason for that.”

But when it comes to her granddaughter’s health, Cissy believes in the power of prayer.

“I’d like to thank everybody who was praying. Who really knows the worth of prayer and I’m sure it’ll get through. You know, praying along with me. It’s all I can tell you. I’m just waiting for whatever happens. We go to the hospital every day and pray and, you know, I talk to [Krissi] because she can still hear, and I rub her hand and what not. My daughter-in-law and my son, we do what we can do. The rest is, we can’t do anything about because that’s all up to Him. We know nothing about his plan.”

And Bobby Brown also believes in the power of prayer for Bobbi Kristina, as the Inquisitr reported.

Speaking at the Soul Food Festival, Brown revealed his faith.

“I dunno what the hell I am going through right now, but I am giving it to God and letting him deal with it,” said Brown.

But Bobbi Kristina cannot fully recover from irreversible brain damage, according to The Wrap.

Although Bobby Brown recently told concert-goers that Bobbi Kristina is “awake” and “watching me,” Cissy Houston contradicted that claim.

“[She has] global and irreversible brain damage,” Cissy quoted the doctors.

Asher Taban, MD, neurosurgeon and Neurosurgical Director with Dignity Health Northridge Hospital in Northridge, California clarified the situation. Also known as global ischemia, global brain damage results from oxygen deprivation.

“It means the entire brain — upper brain, lower brain, front, back — the whole area shows signs of inadequate oxygenation,” explained the neurosurgeon.

But could she be listening to her grandmother or watching her father?

“The person could have their eye open but have no communication,” Taban said. “It is something that we do see, that the people do have open eyes, but beyond that there’s no communication.”

But there’s one person who is longing to communicate with Bobbi Kristina who has been banned from her hospital room, and that’s her boyfriend Nick Gordon, as the Inquisitr reported.

Now out of rehab after a stay arranged by Dr. Phil, Gordon has been blocked from his girlfriend’s room by Bobby Brown.

“Rehab was a success for Nick. He did very well and cleaned himself up. Now, he just really wants to see Bobbi Kristina,” revealed a source.

[Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images]