Lindsay Lohan Has A Plan To Stay Out of Jail, But Can She Stick To It?

The clock is ticking, and controversial actress Lindsay Lohan is running out of time to complete her community service. As previously reported by the Inqusitr, Lohan has completed almost none of the 125 hours of community service she agreed to finish by May 28 in order to avoid jail time. Reports vary as to exactly how many of the hours Lohan has completed, but the general consensus is that the number is somewhere between 10 and 20, or around 10-20 percent of what she agreed to.

The 125 hours of community service stems from a 2013 reckless driving charge, to which Lohan pleaded no contest. Initally, she was assigned probation and 240 hours of community service to be completed by January, 2015, but the judge extended the deadline when Lindsay Lohan turned in questionable reports. Reportedly, Lohan tried to count shadowing CVS employees and meet and greets with her fans as community service.

It gets worse. According to Entertainment Tonight, some of the hours Lohan did manage to complete have been or are expected to be disallowed when the case is reviewed. The community service was performed organizing and posting to the social media account of a London community service organization. The problem is that a representative of the organization gave Lohan a memory stick which enabled Lohan to perform the community service from her home or even potentially have it completed by someone else.

As time runs out, Lohan’s parents are trying to arrange for a marathon of community service to keep Lindsay out of jail. Sources told TMZ that the Brooklyn Community Center had agreed to let Lohan complete her community service there. The schedule was meant to be six hours a day, seven days a week. With that schedule, Lohan would have just barely completed her community service, assuming none of the hours she’s already accumulated are rejected. The problem is, Lohan was due to begin her shifts at the Brooklyn Community Center, and she reportedly never showed up. In fact, according to TMZ, Lohan has gone completely off of the radar. Family and friends have been unable to reach her.

TMZ suggested that Lohan might be hoping for leniency if she comes up a few hours short, but that doesn’t seem likely. According to the New York Daily News, Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White is already planning to ask that Lohan’s probation be revoked.

“She doesn’t seem to be taking it very seriously,” White told New York Daily News.

All may not be lost for Lindsay Lohan. It seems that her father, Michael Lohan, is working with rehab centers in New York to scrounge up additional hours.

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