Baron, The German Shepherd, Urinates In Toilet, Loads The Dishwasher, And More [Video]

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A dog known online as “Baron the German shepherd” is winning over the internet. That’s because Baron can use the bathroom like a human male; standing up, urinating, and even flushing. His trainer has taught him to do amazing things, as seen in the below YouTube videos.

The video titled “Baron the german shepherd using the toilet!” uploaded three weeks ago has already gained 456,618 views on YouTube. The popular dog was trained by Linda González, owner of Hill Country K9, a dog training facility out of Temecula, California, whose Facebook page talks about Baron only being 9-months-old when he was trained to urinate in a toilet and flush afterward.

Along with another video showing Baron making coffee for his owner using a Keurig, the Facebook page reports the difficulty of getting the urination video to remain on the site.

“Here it is – second attempt. First one was reported, ugh. So this is a quick remake since Facebook took down the original for some stupid reason Enjoy! (This one was tough and took a lot of work)”

The Southern California-based González is gaining lots of attention, and according to her YouTube channel, is trying to get Baron on the Ellen show. After adopting Baron, she began uploading fun videos of the German shepherd using the bathroom and even putting dishes in the dishwasher, as reported by Today.‎

Video footage shows Baron helping with the dishes and packing items into boxes, and getting helpful rubs in between tasks.

Baron also enjoyed his first private plane flight around San Diego, looking very relaxed with his tongue hanging out.

Even cute videos of Baron have been uploaded, showing what he supposedly Googles once his owner goes to bed. Those paws!

A visit to the other videos on Baron’s YouTube channel show the young dog working out with his trainer, along with loading clothes into the washing machine.

As reported by the Daily Mail, viewers are finding these unique videos of Baron quite adorable.

As reported by the Inquisitr, videos of dogs doing cute stuff — like the Bernese Mountain dog named ‘Quinn The Berner’ — who slid down ice and went viral on YouTube and Instagram, are fascinating to viewers.

“Baron is the face of Hill Country K9. He’s the mascot and the ambassador.”

Not only are the videos of Baron entertaining, they are a visual way for viewers to understand the dog training business.

[Image via YouTube]