Justin Bieber Thrills Wango Tango Crowd: Says 'Don't Judge Me' Onstage, Some Fans Do

Page Mackinley

Justin Bieber hit the Wango Tango 2015 stage on Saturday for his first solo concert since launching his comeback in January. Needless to say, the sold out StubHub Center crowd was up for it, and then some.

According to tweets, and video footage filmed before, during, and after, the 21-year-old's six-song set, Justin had the Carson, California audience in the palm of his hand with a mix of old hits, acoustic songs and new dance slayer "Where Are U Now."

The Biebs took to the stage with his Met Gala-debuted hipster hairstyle and wore all-black: Leather pants, a long t-shirt, white and black slip-ons, and a plaid custom Karoshi Flannel shirt, which he took off during his performance.

The first jam was "Boyfriend," a popular hit from the Canadian's 2012's Believe album. The uptempo "Beauty and a Beat" followed.

Justin's voice was pitchy and labored for during parts of the two songs. He also seemed to be puffed out, which may have simply been due to over-exertion.

However, given that Justin is young, fit, and plays various sports, his out of breath state at just two songs into his set (much like his breathiness two songs into his appearance during Ariana Grande's April 8 concert), is likely down to the too-heavy muscle and bulk that he is carrying around his chest.

Not surprisingly, the more weight a body carries, the greater pressure it puts on the heart, which has to work harder to pump oxygen. It is not shocking that Bieber's trainer does not appear to be aware that too much bulk locks in a voice, as he is not specifically trained to work with singers.

Back to Justin's Wango Tango set.

The singer found his stride and voice when he slowed the pace, and there was some great singing on "All That Matters" and "Hold Tight," which he performed backed only by musical director and guitarist, Dan Kanter. Both cuts appear on Justin's 2013 Journals collection.

There was a lyric change in "Hold Tight," which may have been intentional. Instead of "Oh, so hard walking out/ Got me stuck like crazy glue," Justin sang a more X-rated "It's so hard pulling out when I'm in that sticky glue."

Regardless, the acoustic songs were well-executed and played to one of the Biebs' finest strengths as an artist, namely his ability to convey emotion in a song.

The superstar finished his performance with crowd pleasers, "As Long As You Love Me" and "Where Are U Now," both of which were almost terrific.

At one point during "ALAYLM," Justin got tangled up in his in-ear and mic leads onstage and told the crowd, "Don't judge me."

Before closing out he said, "I had a really great time with you guys tonight," before adding, "It's good to be back on the stage, with all my fans out there."

MTV adds, the Biebs shouted out Kanye West towards the end and told the crowd they're working on new music together.

Despite deafening screams and cheers from the delighted Wango Tango audience, some Justin Bieber fans were critical of his performance on Twitter.

One fan commented, "Most of y'all are in denial so you won't admit this but Justin's lost a lot of his talent and I'm really sad about it." Other fans agreed. Some didn't.

— steph (@biebahftari) May 10, 2015

— steph (@biebahftari) May 10, 2015

Other, perhaps maturer fans, seemed to understand talent is not so easily "lost," and that an artist who has been out of the performing game for two years and dealing with serious, complex issues, inevitably needs time to adjust.

Some of those fans tweeted the following.

— Mar-NoChill-ia (@noncisonofate) May 10, 2015

— ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ (@gracieveli) May 10, 2015

— erykah. (@asvpstratford) May 10, 2015

— Eion Clarke (@imstilkidrauhl) May 10, 2015

— carly (@electradrews) May 10, 2015

Those who Stans artists who won't(can't) sing live coming for JBs performance.. What an embarrassment.

— Anzi (@JustinK007) May 10, 2015

Pretty sure that Justin's snores sound better vocally than your fave live but whatever floats your boat I guess

— Mar-NoChill-ia (@noncisonofate) May 10, 2015

Another noted the massively positive audience reception to Justin's show.

— Ashley (@AshleyAnne805) May 10, 2015

Mutual pal Hailey Baldwin was also on hand and posted social media reveals. Taylor Swift was also photographed watching from the wings.

— Scooter Braun (@scooterbraun) May 10, 2015

— ryan good (@thatrygood) May 10, 2015

— Nick Demoura (@NickDeMoura) May 10, 2015

All in all, Wango Tango was a solid return to the big stage for the Biebs in terms of being appreciated by an audience. It is to be hoped he will become more fluid performing after more concerts under his belt. For his part, the singer tweeted "Good to be back" after his set, posting an edited Instagram video hours later.

Welcome back Justin Bieber.

[Images via Andrea Tardio/MTV/Getty Images for 102.7 KIIS FM'S Wango Tango]