Jessa Duggar Is Having A Hard Time Sticking To Her Pregnancy Diet Plan

Jessa Duggar is finding it difficult to follow her pregnancy diet plan. She vowed to eat healthy while Baby Seewald is cooking in the oven, but the 19 Kids and Counting star just can’t stay away from tasty junk food — it’s more tempting than fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald were such big fans of an In-N-Out Burger that they decided to pose as employees of the restaurant chain. Ben shared an Instagram photo that shows the parents-to-be wearing paper In-N-Out hats, and he let his followers know that Jessa was indulging another pregnancy craving for greasy fast food.

“In-N-Out is where we ate lunch today! Awesome food!!! #pregnantwifey #funtimes,” Ben captioned the photo below.

Jessa Duggar Ben Seewald In-And-Out Hats

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jessa Duggar’s pregnancy cravings have also included drive-thru roast beef. However, she tried to blame her growing baby for making her eat at Arby’s. She and Ben also showed Chick-fil-A some love during a stop in Atlanta.

“Can’t fly through Atlanta without getting us some Chick-fil-A! #HomeOfChickfilA #EatMorChikin,” Jessa captioned the March 5 fast food photo below.

It was taken before she announced her pregnancy, but Baby Seewald was already growing at the time — Jessa is currently a little over 14 weeks pregnant.

Jessa Duggar Chik-Fil-A

Unfortunately, Baby Seewald’s fast food cravings are totally screwing up Jessa Duggar’s desire to eat healthy during her pregnancy, and it probably doesn’t help that Jessa and Ben have been doing so much traveling during the recent months — being on the road is another convenient excuse to chow down on drive-thru fare.

During an April interview with People, Jessa talked about the diet plan that Baby Seewald is totally destroying.

“I want to gain a little less weight and not stress out about it. I do want to make sure that I’m eating healthy. You are eating for two but the other is, like, a speck. I am trying to make healthy choices now that I’m entering my second trimester.”

Jessa seems to be just a teeny bit insecure when it comes to her weight. She told People that she hopes she’s pregnant with triplets because she’s been eating so much, but it’s likely that she and Ben Seewald are only expecting one child. And speaking of Ben, he’s also spoken about his wife’s weight issues. According to E! News, he revealed that people were making Jessa feel bad about her body by saying that she looked pregnant before she actually was.

“We fight about this,” Ben said. “Jessa thinks she’s fat, but she doesn’t remember all the times people tell her that she looks great.”

Hopefully Jessa Duggar isn’t being too hard on herself after giving in to her fast food cravings — she can always continue to blame her bad diet on Baby Seewald.

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