No Time to Tweet? Hire a 'Ghost Twitterer'


Celebs short on time (or lacking in interest) are seemingly sparking a trend of ghost-written tweets. More and more stars are hiring "ghost Twitterers" to maintain their Twitter accounts, The New York Times reports, and write all of their updates. Is it just me, or does the notion kind of give you the shivers?

Ghost Twitterer

Even some "new media consultants" -- you know, those people on Twitter with tens of thousands of followers who dish out advice on how to use social tools -- have "ghost Twitterers" doing all the work.

In the publishing world, a ghost writer typically works with the figure in question to create the content, and they are credited as such. In Twitter, where messages typically take a familiar and personal tone, this isn't the case -- and what The Times describes strikes me as being rather deceptive, even a bit insulting to fans who follow someone so they can connect with their thoughts.

If people are going to hire others to handle their streams, it's time for transparency.

You can find me on Twitter, where I never let my office ghost send a single tweet, here.