Dakota Meyer, Bristol Palin Promote #NeverOutGunned: What’s Great About America

Bristol Palin and her family are promoting #NeverOutGunned -- is it about America, or t-shirts?

In response to a social media challenge calling for users to step on a flag, Bristol Palin and her fiance, Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, are promoting a hashtag of their own: #NeverOutGunned. They ask people to tweet the hashtag with an image of what really makes America great.

In a brief video, Dakota explains the #NeverOutGunned hashtag, ending with an exhortation for those who can’t show the proper respect for America and the flag to leave. Bristol Palin gave the campaign a boost on her blog on Friday. Sarah Palin promoted it on her Facebook page as well, pulling out her infamous “reload” line.

They want to stomp on our flag? Show them we’re never outgunned. Don’t retreat, just reload.

This, presumably, is not meant as a literal suggestion to shoot at people expressing a Supreme Court-affirmed right of expression.

Dakota Meyer’s video is below.

So, what is truly great about America in the eyes of Meyer’s and the Palins’ fans and following? A sample follows — but think guns, flags, and Christianity.

Yes, you read that right — this gun is captioned with a ‘Hillary’s Nemesis’ hashtag alongside the #NeverOutGunned one.

Here’s Dakota’s own submission — a t-shirt with an American flag.

The U.S. Flag Code, notably forbids many things besides not letting the flag touch the ground and never marking the flag. Two of these are using the flag as clothing, and using it as a decoration.

You may notice, as well, that Meyers never specified why “never outgunned” was the hashtag he selected for his campaign. What exactly is the connection between #neveroutgunned and America? Well, actually, it turns out that it’s the name of Meyer’s new clothing line at Ranger Up — not actually connected to his campaign of showcasing America’s greatness at all.

Whether #NeverOutGunned is a patriotic campaign, or a marketing one, one thing is certain. There are many things that make America great — including the First Amendment, and the entire living document that allows citizens the power and opportunity to make changes as they see the need.

[Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore]