95-Year-Old WWII Vet Fights Off Mugger With Cane

A 95-year-old U.S. Army veteran who fought in Okinawa as a soldier in World War II fended off a thief with his cane outside a Manchester, New Hampshire, Walgreens.

Arthur Kemberis (alternatively spelled Kamberis by some media outlets) had just paid cash for his wife’s prescription when the alleged robber — who had been following him — tried to grab the elderly veteran’s wallet in the parking lot.

The vet struck the suspect hard in the shoulder area with the cane — which he uses to walk with — three or four times. A bystander then came to the assistance of Kemberis, and the assailant ran off. He is still at large, but cops have identified him on surveillance video, and are hoping to make arrest soon.

“Arthur Kamberis said he has been in tough situations before, including climbing down a cargo net 70 years ago on his way to invade Okinawa, but he was still unnerved when he was accosted by a man Saturday morning,” Manchester’s WMUR reported.

While acknowledging that he was nervous and that he is too old to be a fighter, Kemberis was nonetheless unwilling to give up his valuables.

“I had my credit card, my license, my grandchildren’s pictures in there and all sorts of stuff it would have been wicked for me to replace,” explained Kemberis about the confrontation. “He wasn’t very aggressive, but I was,” he added.

Unhurt in the scuffle, Kemberis offered some guidance to the thief, who he suspected might or might not be on drugs.

“My advice to him is to kick the habit, go to rehab, and try to straighten yourself out, get a job.”

The vet said he will continue to walk to the nearby Walgreens from his home as always, but in addition to his cane, he will bring along a cellphone and a.357 magnum pistol from now on. Kemberis noted that he is a licensed firearms owner and an expert marksman from his military training.

According a Manchester police official, “Mr. Kamberis was very fortunate. He fought off the bad guy and left in one piece.” Cops usually recommend not resisting.

In late March, an 84-year-old Army vet in Tulsa, Oklahoma, sent an alleged mugger “packing” when the ex-G.I. pulled out a firearm for self protection. In that instance, the thief also took off.

In February, a 72-year-old Navy vet, an ex-boxer and Karate instructor, took down a much younger alleged shoplifter at the Washington Crown Center Mall in North Franklin Township, Pennsylvania.

Bottom line to would-be criminals: Don’t mess with vets, even elderly ones.

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