‘Cutting It: In The ATL’ — The $1.2 Million Business Of $50 Walk-In Weaves By Weave Express [Video]

cutting it

Atlanta is the hair capital of the U.S., so say the stars of the new reality TV show called Cutting It: In The ATL.

The “first look” video on the WEtv website is eye-opening for viewers of Cutting It: In The ATL, which shows that weaves in Atlanta are lucrative and competitive. During the season 1 video, several businesses and their owners are profiled.

“The hair that I am serving in Atlanta is nothing but fierceness.”

That’s what “Beautii J” of Spoiled Opulence Salon in Atlanta claims. She’s been doing hair since she was a little girl, hustling since she was 10 years old. The Spoiled Opulence Hair Facebook page promotes the #CuttingIt premiere, which airs Thursday, May 21 at 10 p.m., 9 p.m. CT, as reported by Essence.

The Damn Salon is headed by the Conga-based owner who specializes in natural-based hair, who doesn’t believe in anything that alters the natural hair pattern. Interestingly, the natural hair diva named Mushiya appears to promote wearing natural and wild looking weaves — but not straight weaves.

“India, with the Beyoncé weave. This is a natural hair salon. Why do you wear a straight weave?”

Mushiya talks about being the competition of all the other ladies, since the trend is moving towards natural hair.

Cutting It: In the ATL also features Dedra, owner of JDoah Salon, a place that caters to professional women. She makes no fans when she immediately shuts down Maja’s idea to pool their resources and buy weave in bulk for cheaper prices.

“You can’t go in Atlanta and not know who I am.”

Maja Sly’s catchy “Come on to the Weave Express” commercial is shown in the clip, promoting her Walk-In Weaves by the Weave Express starting at $50 — yes, $50. With locations on Northside Drive, Dunwoody, and Thornton Road, this Cutting It: In the ATL star won prosperity with fast and affordable weave salons.

Walk-In Weaves has six locations, and despite negative criticism from one co-star calling it a WalMart type of venture, Maja says her business did $1.2 million last year. In 2015, Maja plans to gross more than $2 million.

Not only does Maja not believe in standing behind a chair anymore, she also sells hair from her The Pretty Hair weave website. Maja wants to help them all become millionaires by pooling their resources and buying hair weave in bulk, but Dedra seems thrown by the offer.

Dedra starts talking about her ADHD kicking in, and claps back at Maja, asking her if she was giving a sales pitch. Dedra said she just came to talk socially, but Mushiya asked her what was wrong with talking business.

LaKenya is another weave expert who will be featured on Cutting It: In the ATL. She wants to open her own salon, but changing alliances prove for lots of drama.

As reported by the Inquisitr, reality shows like The Real Housewives of Atlanta and now Cutting It: In the ATL can draw quite a bit of buzz on social media.

[Image via WEtv]