Odd Russian Victory Day Celebration: Russian Seals Wear Military Uniforms, Brandish Fake Guns [Video]

Only in Russia will you find seals carrying weapons at the local aquarium. In honor of Victory Day, a Siberian aquarium put on a special presentation featuring seals in military uniforms holding fake rifles. The seals showed off their shooting skills along with a choreographed number in full Soviet military uniform. The seals donned the Soviet uniforms and paraded in the water while holding rifles straight in the air.

In the video above you can watch as the aquarium seals are seen shooting fake guns at targets in their small enclosures. The New York Daily News reports that after showing off their sharp-shooting skills, the seals are then seen seemingly marching in the water in tiny Soviet military uniforms as they hold rifles in the air. The event took place at an aquarium in Siberia as part of a Victory Day celebration.

This Victory Day celebration marked the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. However, it wasn’t just the seals that were showing off their strong arms. President Vladimir Putin was also seen flexing his muscle as he arranged for the country’s largest Victory Day parade ever. The parade was used to showcase Russia’s military power as thousands of soldiers marched through the streets alongside tanks armed with RS-24 Yars intercontinental ballistic missiles which are capable of delivering three nuclear warheads each.

The United States shunned the event as the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues. However, other political leaders were found in attendance including Egyptian leader Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Cuban supremo Raul Castro, Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, and South Africa’s Jacob Zuma. Though not present for the event, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un sent a message to Putin that he offered the leader support in building a “powerful Russia.”

What do you think of Putin’s Victory Day celebrations? Were the high-tech tanks and intercontinental ballistic missiles a show of force or just an elaborate celebration plan?

[Image Credit: Reuters]