Instagram Followers: Which Of The Beckhams Will Get More?

The Instagram followers’ number grows exponentially in David Beckham’s newly created account. The football and pop culture idol turned 40 on May 2, celebrating the date in Marrakesh with family and a host of celebrity friends – and he didn’t hesitate to share the fun with his devoted fans; just overnight DB amassed 4+ million Instagram followers.

According to the Inquisitr, Beckham pleased to see the enthusiasm of his fans.

“David Beckham is somebody to pay attention to, at least to the 4.6 million Instagram followers he gleaned in just under 48 hours. Beckham’s fans are rejoicing today because the ex-soccer star finally joined Instagram on May 2, to celebrate his 40th birthday”.

In the wake of DB’s birthday celebrations, his eldest son Brooklyn’s Instagram reached 2 million followers. Brooklyn, 16, posted a picture of himself and his younger brothers Romeo and Cruz with a thank you caption to all his supporters.

The previous milestone of 1 million fans marked his mother’s 40th birthday last April. DB jokingly mocked this achievement stating he already had 52 million followers, although in fact, he didn’t have an Instagram account back then, with Facebook being the only social media platform he was using, according to TheWrap.

“Until now, Facebook is the only social platform the athlete had used. Previously, fans on Instagram or Twitter have had to make do with glimpses of Beckham through his wife Victoria and son Brooklyn’s feeds.”

Now, the big game is on: will David Beckham or Brooklyn Beckham carry off the palm for gaining more followers? Brooklyn even launched a hashtag #ismydadcoolerthanme. Sure, DB forever remains a football legend, and his renown and activity extend far beyond the pitch. He is engaged in a wide array of charitable initiatives, endorsement deals with sports outfit manufacturers, clothing designers, perfume brands. However, it’s a safe bet to presume that the reason DB’s Instagram followers are totally hooked because they want to see his daily life tidbits, not the magazine spreads sporting his portrait, which everyone’s used to.

Brooklyn, on his part, also has much to offer to his fans. He’s 16, so teen audiences will eagerly follow his account in order to not miss a thing about his social life. Playing football, attending Victoria Beckham’s fashion shows, festivals, award ceremonies, and other jet-set gatherings or just hanging out with his brothers or his celebrity parents – Brooklyn’s snapshots are sure to attract scores of curious visitors. After all, nothing is as captivating as a mix of simple daily occurrences and fabulous glitterati life. Whatever the reason to follow Brooklyn – there’s much more in store for his Instagram followers to feast their eyes upon.