Uta Von Schwedler, Pelle Wall: Salt Lake City Death Case Focus Of Tonight's CBS '48 Hours'

The death of Dr. Uta von Schwedler, a scientist who died in Salt Lake City, is the focus of tonight's episode of 48 Hours at 10/9c. The Uta Von Schwedler case first aired on CBS in 2014. Schwedler's son, Pelle Wall, was a key figure in the case against his father, John Brickman Wall, who was recently convicted of murdering his ex-wife.

48 Hours is a live action news magazine that examines criminal cases in a documentary style format. 48 Hours first aired in January 1988 and has been referred to as 48 Hour Investigates and 48 Hours Mystery over the years.

Tonight's mystery will examine the relationship between father and son when the son realizes that his father is the person who took his mother's life. Inquisitr reported in March that the Salt Lake City, Utah pediatrician had been found guilty in the drowning death of his wife.

Uta Von Schwedler had been found dead in her bathtub by her lover in 2011. On that day, Nils Abramson just so happened to check on Uta, a well-known cancer researcher and scientist in the area. When he found the door ajar, he stepped in and made his way to the bathroom, where he found Uta Von Schwedler in a bathtub full of running water.

Her death appeared to be just a tragic fall in the bathtub, but upon examination, the coroner noted suspicious cuts on the woman's body that were found to be consistent with a suicide attempt; however, a toxicology report showed that Schwedler had Xanax in her body and injuries around her mouth, suggesting that someone had their hand over her mouth at the time of her death.

As the police investigation moved forward, they determined that John Wall had grown to hate his ex-wife for leaving the family to be with her lover. However, John Wall was emphatic that even though he fought with his ex-wife over the children, he could never harm her. The prosecution proved without a shadow of a doubt that Uta Von Schwendler 's death was caused by another person -- and that the other person was John Wall.

Tune in to tonight's episode entitled "Father And Son: The Verdict" to see how John Wall's son, Pelle Wall, was determined to bring his father to justice, and how the police's detective work helped a jury convict the former doctor.

"In a case update on the investigation of the 2011 death of Uta von Schwedler in Utah. The victim's son believes John Brickman Wall, may have been involved in her drowning and is determined to prove his father, a doctor, killed his mother, a noted scientist. Will a jury believe him?"

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