Victoria Beckham Is Apparently The Worst Hotel Guest Ever

Victoria Beckham has been accused of being the worst hotel guest ever.

Page Six have alleged that one hotel in particular has corroborated with rumors that the Spice Girl singer is so high maintenance when staying in hotels that she asks cleaners and maids to do twice their usual work load when she is visiting.

According to the aforementioned publication’s insiders, “[Victoria Beckham] asks that every time she leaves her hotel room, maids change the sheets, replace all the towels and completely clean the place – multiple times a day.”

Page Six even reported that during a stay at Meadowood Napa Valley, a five-star resort in Northern California, Victoria became so incensed at what she deemed to be unsatisfying treatment that she vehemently called and criticized the establishment’s manager. In fact, she did so in such a ferocious fashion that the entire three-day trip ended up being completely compensated by the company. When pressed for further information on this incident, the hotel refused to comment.

However, Victoria Beckham, who was a member of the Spice Girls and has since become a fashion designer and is also married soccer icon David Beckham, was quick to dismiss these allegations as false.

A publicist for Beckham remarked, “This is absolute nonsense and utterly untrue.”

In fact, a representative for the singer told E! News in relation to the story, “No, it’s an utter lie. Lawyers are looking into it.”

Meanwhile, Pop Sugar reported that to celebrate Sunday’s Mother’s day, Victoria Beckham released a letter that she’s written to her four children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper, which documents just how important they are to her and calls the quartet the “greatest achievement of her life.”

“They are a wonder to me every day. From a teenage son through to a toddler daughter, each moment of every day is filled with different energies, activities, feelings and a lot of comedy. From playing sport to lounging on the sofa, each of my children fill every second with laughter, music and discussion. They are kind hearted and well-mannered and have incredibly enquiring minds, and I feel incredibly blessed to be surrounded by these phenomenal human beings.”

[Image via Glam 4 You]