Woman Has Sex With Two Men: Twins Have Different Dads And Judge Ruled Man Has To Pay Child Support For Only One

According to the Guardian, a New Jersey woman gave birth to twin girls after having had sex with two different men. One of the men refused to pay child support for both girls. He claimed only one of them was his. A U.S. judge ruled in his favor when a paternity test showed that the man was the father of only one of the twins.

A DNA test showed that the man was almost certainly the father of one twin, but he wasn’t the father of the other. Only one of the 2-year-old twins will get child support of $28 a week from the man whose DNA proved that he was indeed the father.

CNN reported that since the mother provided the name of only one man, a paternity test was performed on only that man.

There have been only two other cases in the United States like this one. Passaic County Superior Court Judge Sohail Mohammad said twice before a woman has given birth to twins with different fathers. The judge called the case the first of its kind in New Jersey.

“Twins can be conceived when has sexual intercourse with two men in the same menstrual cycle and two of her eggs are fertilized separately by each man.”

This case came to light when a Passaic County woman sought child support payments from a man she thought was the father of her daughters, who were born in January of 2013. The woman admitted in court that she had sex with two different men within the same week. Based on this information and the DNA test, the judge ruled that the twins had two different fathers.

Judge Mohammed based his decision on the testimony from experts. He explained why he ruled as he did in a 22-page legal document.

“If a woman has coitus with either one man or with different men during a single poly-ovulatory period, superfecundation [two eggs fertilized at the same time] could result and the twins could have either the same father or different fathers, respectively.”

This means that if a woman’s ovaries release two eggs during a single menstrual cycle, both could be fertilized, even by different men. The births would result in fraternal twins. However, when the woman has sex with two different men in the same cycle, as the Passaic County woman said she did, and the two eggs are fertilized, the twins with different fathers are called “heteropaternal” or “bipaternal” twins. This happens in about one in every 13,000 paternity cases involving twins from different fathers.

Don’t you think this is an unusual case of twins having two fathers?

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